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Navigating motherhood, allergies and eczema, I was determined to ensure my children experienced the unconditional love that a family dog can provide. With the help of DNA testing and the subsequent refinement of our bloodline; Raggy Dogs’ hypoallergenic cuddly companions have been spreading their infinite love with other families for almost a decade.

We breed minimally and are proud of our ethical breeding practices which are built upon our community of loving guardian homes.


Tres – owner and founder of Raggy Dogs

We have a stunning litter of merle, chocolate and cream mini-sized (8-12kg), non-shedding hypoallergenic puppies born in early June 2024 and ready for their new homes from 28/7/24.

We are reputable breeders (RightPaw verified) of non-shedding, hypoallergenic Toy Cavoodles, Mini Groodles and Multigenerational Raggy Dogs in Sydney, NSW. We sometimes have one to two carefully planned litters each year.

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RightPaw Registered Dog Breeders Australia

  • Raggy Dogs abides by Right Paws high ethical standards and Code of Ethics, developed in line with major associations and state legislation.
  • RightPaw has verified our dogs’ health tests.
  • RightPaw has completed a virtual tour of our home and property to meet our dogs and understand our breeding program.
  • You can verify and view our RightPaw breeder profile by clicking here.


Dog lovers who care about the genetics, health, welfare and well-being of Poodle Mix Breeds as Family Dogs

We are passionate about poodle mix breeds and helping people find the perfect doodle for their family. Raggy Dogs were and are bred for a purpose; to create a non-shedding, hypoallergenic small to medium-size family dog.

Our family has struggled with chronic allergies including eczema. I created Raggy Dogs so that my children could enjoy the many benefits of growing up with a family dog.

I am so grateful and proud, that after years of studying canine genetics and utilising the latest DNA analysis, we have refined our bloodlines and occasionally have non-shedding, hypoallergenic Toy Cavoodle and Mini Groodle puppies available for sale.

Oodles can be a great family dog for those who understand their grooming, coat types, breed-specific needs, exercise, training, behaviour, health, care, space and feeding requirements. 

We are proud advocates for small in-house family breeding practices. Having bred the occasional Toy Cavoodle and Mini Groodle litters over the last 10 years we understand the health testing requirements, needs, and best practices that produce optimistic, resilient puppies.

Well-bred and raised puppies grow to be cherished family companions. Some doodle puppies are destined to shine in therapy and assistance dog roles. We are passionate about connecting puppy buyers with reputable dog breeders who breed with integrity and hold themselves to a high standard.

Whatever important role an ‘oodle’ puppy is destined to perform in life, there will be examples of poodle mixes doing just that, somewhere in the world.  

Information and Best Products for Cavoodles, Groodles and Oodles

Shop - Products Made for Oodles (Coming soon)

Oodles have unique needs and it takes time to find the best products for our dogs. We've taken the guesswork out of finding the best products for your poodle mix. When we find something that makes our life easier and our dog's lives better, we share it here. Supporting small family businesses is our passion. We only share dog products that our community of Oodle lovers have tried, tested and fallen in love with!

Support and Inspire - Blog

We enjoy helping people find the perfect Poodle Cross for their lifestyle. Oodles are as diverse as the families they find themselves in. Access free dog and puppy training tips, behaviour, feeding, grooming, care, best breeder guides, poodle cross-breed information, health testing, checklists and more.

Puppy Buying Guides

Information to help you find the right puppy for your family. Understanding how coat types will impact grooming maintenance and whether or not a dog will shed, is helpful. Oodles come in a range of sizes from small, and medium to large and have various energy levels. Being informed, knowing what questions to ask and finding an ethical breeder who can help you match a suitable puppy to your lifestyle is invaluable.

Is an Oodle the right family dog for you?

If you’re considering adding a poodle cross to your family, our Oodle puppy buyer’s guide covers coat types, temperament, grooming, traits, health testing, maintenance, training, feeding and exercise requirements.

Learn about the qualities of the best dog breeders and what questions to ask your pup’s breeder.

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Everyone knows a Poodle mix and has heard terms such as Toy Cavoodle, Mini Groodle, f1b, f2, f1, Labradoodle, Jackapoo, Cavapoo, Bordoodle, Bichoodle, Straight hair Cavoodle, Bernedoodle, Moodle, Portidoodle etc. Oodles are as diverse as the families they find themselves in.



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