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FAQs - Cavoodle Breeder & Grooodle Breeder Sydney, NSW

We are a small-scale Cavoodle breeder. Our mums have a maximum of 3 litters before they are desexed and retired to live out their days with their forever Guardian family. We don’t have 20 breeding females and multiple litters each year. Similarly, we are a small-scale Groodle breeder and have a maximum of one litter yearly. When we commit to bringing a litter of puppies into the world, we ensure we have the time and resources available to do it well. Anyone can breed a litter of puppies but the best family dogs are carefully planned for and cultivated:

  • Ensuring our mums and stud dogs receive the love and attention they’re used to receiving in their Guardian Homes.
  • Being present for our mums when they give birth.
  • Raising well-adjusted, trained, loved and nurtured puppies from day 1 through their first formative 8 weeks of life requires our family’s undivided attention. 
  • Providing new owners with support for the life of their Raggy Dog.

Therefore, we only breed 1 to 2 litters each year and some years we take a break to reflect and improve our practice.

To ensure you’re the first to know when we’re planning a litter, opening our waiting list, or have puppies for sale – please sign up to our Raggy Dogs newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Our puppies range in price from $4000-$5000. We are a highly experienced dog breeder of non-shedding, hypoallergenic puppies. We health test our breeding dogs. Our parent dogs are fully DNA tested, temperament tested, vet checked and our stud dogs are also PennHIP scored (to protect our puppies from developing hip dysplasia).

We are a few generations into our Raggy Dogs breeding program and using the latest genetic analysis available, we have refined our coat traits to produce hypoallergenic, non-shedding family dogs.

We implement a puppy-raising curriculum to help the transition from our family to yours. Our puppies undergo:

  • ENS and ESI
  • Toilet training from 3 weeks of age
  • Crate Training
  • Life skills training – tolerance to frustration, boundary training, focus, independence, grit and determination, confidence, optimism, flexibility etc.
  • Extensive positive socialisation experiences such as exposure to children, car rides, other pets etc.
  • De-sensitisation to loud and novel noises such as vacuum cleaners, large crowds, fireworks, planes, thunderstorms, barking dogs, cats etc. 

Raggy Dogs are renowned for being confident, calm and optimistic-natured dogs.

Our puppies leave home with a comprehensive puppy starter pack which includes information to raise the perfect cuddly companion: 

  • Puppy care guide
  • Puppy training guide
  • Puppy shopping list
  • Puppy home preparation
  • Puppy feeding guide

Our puppy pack also includes comprehensive health testing documents for the parents of your puppy, homemade food, harness, collar, leash, soft blanket, soft bed and toy.

We are a small scale family Cavoodle breeder and Groodle breeder located in Sydney, NSW. We also have our own unique line of multigenerational ‘Raggy Dogs’ that are hypoallergenic and non-shedding. We only breed 1-2 litters per year and our Toy Cavoodles range in size from 3kg up to 8kg, while our Raggy Dogs and Groodles are a mini size of 8kg to 12kg.


RightPaw Registered Dog Breeders Australia

  • Raggy Dogs abides by Right Paws high ethical standards and Code of Ethics, developed in line with major associations and state legislation.
  • RightPaw has verified our dogs’ health tests.
  • RightPaw has completed a virtual tour of our home and property to meet our dogs and understand our breeding program.
  • You can verify and view our RightPaw breeder profile by clicking here.
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