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Small-scale responsible dog breeders working together to improve how we breed, raise and train mentally and physically sound puppies for families, dog sports and therapy dog roles.


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""Children and puppies tend to thrive in each other's company; they learn life skills from one another, nurture each other's souls and benefit from experiencing a relationship that's based on unconditional love.""

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Dog lovers who care about the genetics, health, welfare and well-being of breeding dogs and their puppies

Passionate dog breed enthusiasts carefully plan and raise the occasional litter of puppies. They understand the significant investment of time, love and money that is required to do it well.


Being immersed in the world of dogs, we are fortunate to have met other like-minded, small-scale ethical dog breeders passionate about learning and applying the latest science to improve their breeding and puppy-raising practices.


Our ethical family dog breeders collaborative aims to educate, support and connect puppy buyers with ethically raised and bred puppies from our small community of reputable breeders.

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"Ethical family dog breeders raise puppies with sound genetics and the best start in life. By providing education and support to new owners; dogs have the best start in life and thrive in their various roles."

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Tres – Raggy Dogs


Educate | Inspire | Support

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Puppies for sale - raised in family homes (Coming soon)

Connecting puppy buyers with our community of ethical family dog breeders. We only share the details of our breeder friends who are true dog lovers and share their homes with no more than 5 breeding dogs. Reputable breeders let you meet the parents of your puppy, and provide the health checks of both parents and health guarantees with their puppies for sale. Find poodle mixes, Cavoodle puppies, Groodle puppies, Labradoodle puppies, Bordoodle puppies and other small, medium and large-size family dogs in our ethical breeder community.

Support and Inspire - Blog

Our blog is a free resource aimed to educate and support puppy buyers, breeders and owners seeking information about poodle mix breeds. Find free dog and puppy training tips, behaviour problem strategies, feeding, grooming, care, best breeder guides, poodle cross-breed information, health testing, checklists and more.

Fully health tested stud dog services

Reputable breeders can find semen (frozen and chilled) and stud dog services from our fully health-tested purebred Poodle and Oodle stud dogs. Our stud dogs have produced healthy, non-shedding Cavoodle, Spoodle, Groodle, Labradoodle, Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle, Aussiedoodle, Bordoodle, Moodle, Bichoodle, Portidoodle, Doxiepoo puppies for small, ethical family breeders.

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Reputable Family Dog Breeders Australia

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Why support small-scale Family Breeders?

“Puppies bred and raised by families, inside the family home have the best start to life. And dogs that are an integral part of family life, in educated hands produce the best puppies.”

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