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Many breeders don’t introduce the mammas in their breeding programs. At Raggy Dogs we feel it’s important to get to know the temperament and understand the lifestyle that all breeding dogs live. Hence, we have provided some insight about the heroes of our small breeding program; the ones who have contributed their genetics, carried, birthed and raised our precious Raggy Dogs.

Manuka (Fleece-coated First Generation Cavoodle)

/ˈmɑːnʊkə/: a small tree with aromatic leaves which are sometimes used for making tea and honey.


Manuka has given us 3 beautiful litters of F1B Toy Cavoodle puppies and has now been retired from our small breeding program and lives with good friends as their much loved companion. Manuka is a golden cavoodle who is sweet as honey. She loves long walks by the river and playing with her soft toys in the coloured ball pit. When particularly excited she wiggles her bottom uncontrollably and races around the lounge room. DNA tested.

Shula (Smooth-Haired Standard F2 Groodle)

/ʃuːlɑː/: an Arabic name meaning a small flame.


Shula is a playful smooth-coated second-generation Standard Groodle who loves running around the yard and learning new tricks. Shula gave us 3 litters of beautiful Mini Groodle puppies and has now been retired. Being a smooth-coated second-generation Groodle, she sheds heavily but she produced many non-shedding Mini Groodle puppies for Raggy Dogs.

She lives in a guardian home with her best buddy ‘Harmaa’ our merle Bordoodle. So far she has learnt how to shake hands, spin on the spot and sit pretty. She has a sensitive nature and is always eager to please. She enjoys going for bush walks in the Blue Mountains where she splashes and swims in waterholes. DNA tested.

Harmaa (Fleece-coated F1 Bordoodle)

/ˈhɑrmɚ/: a Finnish word meaning grey.


Harmaa is a gentle blue merle first-generation Bordoodle who loves going for long walks and chasing balls around the garden. Now retired, Harmaa gave us 3 stunning litters of Mini Bordoodle puppies, including some blue merle Borderpoos! She lives in a guardian home with Shula our groodle. She makes friends with everyone, and her laid back attitude endears her to everyone she meets. DNA tested.

Gili (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

/ɡɪli/: a Hebrew name meaning happiness.

Gili our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has now been retired from our small breeding program, she lives with a family who adore her and loves sleeping in, playing with her soft toys and having her tummy rubbed. She is happiest on the couch or wherever you are.

Being a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she sheds heavily but when crossed with our double-furnished stud dog, she produces non-shedding Cavoodle puppies. Gili produced the most adorable teddy bear coated First Generation Toy Cavoodle puppies for us. First Generation Cavoodles are a mix of Cavalier King Charles and the Toy or Miniature Poodle. DNA tested.

Hunaja (Fleece-coated Multigenerational 'Raggy Dog')

/hənēA/: a Finnish word meaning honey.   

Hunaja is the daughter of Harmaa and Saffron. She represents the third generation of Raggy Dogs’ multigenerational line of non-shedding dogs. She has inherited her beautiful red colouring from Saffron and incredible intelligence from Harmaa. She is very cuddly and loves relaxing inside but is always up for a game of ball, a jog or a walk in the bush. Hunaja is DNA clear by parentage and produces the richest ruby red fleece-coated puppies we have ever seen. Hunaja gave us three beautiful litters of puppies and is now retired and lives her best life with her family.

Zanzi (Fleece-coated Multigenerational 'Raggy Dog')

Zanzi: a descriptive word for extreme bouts of happiness and energy.


Zanzi is a sweet natured, bubbly teddy bear. She is one of our Guardian girls and has inherited the charm of Saffron and the calm of Harmaa. Her creamy non-shedding, hypoallergenic fleece coat is as soft as it looks, she adores cuddles and in typical Raggy Dog style, she soaks up all the tummy rubs. DNA health tested and a carrier of the merle gene. We look forward to her having some breathtaking Chocolate Merle, Parti, Golden and Blue Merle Mini Borderoodle puppies in the future.

Papaya (Fleece-coated F1b Cavoodle)

/pəˈpīə/: Papaya is a tropical fruit with orange-colored, sweet flesh and edible seeds that have a pepper-like flavour.


Papaya is the perfect combination of playful and calm in a Cavapoo. She breezed through our puppy training program. Brimming with enthusiasm and engagement, she is a wonder to train. She loves playing her boundary and crate training games. Her love of food makes her very easy to train. Papaya has a non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat.

When she is happy her whole bottom wiggles, she inherited this trait from her mum ‘Manuka’ and her cuddly nature from her dad ‘Piccolo’. Papaya lives in a Guardian home in Sydney and has had one litter of Toy Cavoodle puppies which included a gorgeous Chocolate brown Cavoodle, ‘Koko’ who we placed in a Guardian home. DNA tested.

Koko (Fleece-coated F2b Cavoodle)


Koko is a stunning chocolate fleece-coated Cavoodle who is the result of three generations of the Raggy Dogs Cavoodle breeding program. She has a non-shedding, hypoallergenic fleece coat. Koko lives with and is loved by her Guardian family. She has a loving and loyal temperament, adoring the children in her family.

We look forward to her first litter of Toy Cavoodle puppies in a rainbow of chocolate, phantom and merle with flashes of white markings. DNA cleared by parentage.

FAQ - Raggy Dogs Breeding Dogs

Our female breeding dogs live in guardian homes and have a maximum of three litters. Once they have finished breeding, they are desexed and retire to the love and security of their familiar guardian home. 

We are firm believers that the only way to ethically breed dogs is to utilise guardian homes. Guardian homes provide breeding dogs with certainty throughout their life. They have brief periods away from their guardian home for breeding but always go back. The dogs are also familiar with our home because they are either born here or spend some time undergoing our puppy training program before they go to live with their guardian family.

No, we don’t believe guardian homes are cruel. For us, we see no other way to ethically breed dogs. As the saying goes – it takes a village. Well, it takes a village and some to breed dogs and do it well. 

Yes, our breeding dogs are DNA-tested and cleared for breed-specific hereditary diseases. Our stud dogs are also hip-scored with better-than-breed average results.

Our mums give birth in our lounge room and raise their puppies in our home. We commence toilet training from 3 weeks of age. When the puppies are 5 weeks they venture outside to our puppy play gym to start building their confidence and optimism. During the first 8 weeks of life, we ensure the puppies spend most of their time with their mother. They learn important life lessons from their mum, such as bite inhibition, appropriate social behaviour and boundaries.


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  • Raggy Dogs abides by Right Paws high ethical standards and Code of Ethics, developed in line with major associations and state legislation.
  • RightPaw has verified our dogs’ health tests.
  • RightPaw has completed a virtual tour of our home and property to meet our dogs and understand our breeding program.
  • You can verify and view our RightPaw breeder profile by clicking here.


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