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Piccolo (Red Toy Poodle Stud)

/ˈpɪkələʊ/: a small flute sounding an octave higher than the ordinary one.


Piccolo is the cutest, sweetest, red toy poodle stud you could ever meet. His favourite hobbies include chasing the other boys, blowing bubbles in the pool, and watching Netflix whilst cuddling on the couch. Piccolo is known for getting ridiculously excited and running around in tiny circles. Piccolo has been DNA tested clear of all diseases (Orivet) and hip and elbow scored with better than breed average results. Our red toy poodle stud is located in Sydney, NSW and his stud services are available to approved girlfriends.

Piccolo has sired stunning Toy Cavoodle, Mini Groodle, Mini Labradoodle, Mini Bordoodle, Moodle and Spoodle puppies for some of the best poodle mix breeders in Australia.

Saffron (Ruby Cavoodle Stud)

/ˈsafr(ə)n/: An aromatic crimson-coloured flavouring, food colouring, and dye made from the dried stigmas of a crocus.


Saffron our Cavoodle stud dog has eyes so hypnotic that once eye contact has been made, resistance is futile. He has inherited the sweetness of Piccolo and the playfulness of Manuka. He is just as happy cuddling up on the couch as he is playing with our son Finn in the backyard. Saffron has been DNA tested clear of all diseases (Orivet) and hip and elbow scored with better than breed average results.

Saffron our red Cavoodle stud dog is located in Sydney, NSW and is available for stud services for ethical breeders in Australia.

Cino (Chocolate and White Poodle Stud)

Cino: The diminutive form of cappuccio in Italian, meaning “hood” or something that covers the head, thus cappuccino literally means “small capuchin”

Cino is an intelligent and loving chocolate and white poodle stud that we are excited to see producing some Parti colour, Chocolate, Merle, Phantom, Cream, White, Brown and Golden Poodle Mixes for Raggy Dogs. He is a Mini Poodle weighing 5.8kg. Along with bringing in new genetics, he is also double furnished and doesn’t carry any shedding genes, meaning all of his puppies will have a teddy bear coat and none will be high-shedding or smooth coated.

DNA tested (Embark, USA) and PennHip scored, no signs of Hip Dysplasia and better than breed average results. MMVD clear ‘Dog breeding Science‘ (DNA test for Early onset heart disease). Cino our Chocolate and White Mini Poodle stud is located in Sydney, NSW. He is available for stud services to responsible breeders.

He is a proven Oodle Stud to Mini Groodle, Mini Labradoodle, Bordoodle, Cavoodle, Spoodle and Cockerpoo puppies. Frozen semen is available to ship Australia-wide.

Astro (Red Toy Poodle Stud)

Astro: A celestial body, star.


Astro is a purebred red Toy Poodle stud dog, weighing 3.7kg. He has a luxuriously thick, soft coat of wool that is hypoallergenic.

Walks and cuddles on the couch are among Astro’s favourite things. He can always be found with a toy in his mouth and if you’re not quick enough he’ll steal your seat before you sit down!

Astro has been DNA screened for genetic diseases and is clear (Orivet). MMVD clear ‘Dog breeding Science‘ (DNA test for Early-onset heart disease). He has been PennHIP scored with better than breed average results and no signs of hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis on his X-rays.

A proven stud dog to non-shedding Mini Labradoodle, Mini Groodle, Mini Bordoodle, Toy Cavoodle, Moodle, Bichoodle and Spoodle puppies.

Astro is located in Sydney, NSW and is available for stud services to reputable breeders of poodle mix breeds.

Fonzie (Ruby Red Toy Poodle Stud)

Fonzie: Coolness, rebelliousness, or a facility for attracting ladies.

Fonzie is a true-to-size purebred red Toy Poodle, weighing an adorable 2.8kg.

As his name suggests, The Fonze is a cool little dude, who charms everyone he meets. Having a stunning mahogany ruby red wool coat and functional conformation, we look forward to him fathering some Teacup and Toy Cavoodles for Raggy Dogs.

He has been Hip scored and DNA tested clear of genetic diseases (Animal Genetics, USA). MMVD clear ‘Dog breeding Science‘ (DNA test for Early-onset heart disease).

Fonzie our double-furnished stud dog is located in Sydney, NSW. He is available for stud services to small, ethical breeders.

FAQ - Stud Dogs

To breed teddy bear-coated Cavoodle puppies that will be low to non-shedding; use a poodle stud or a cavoodle stud that is double-furnished. Using a cavoodle stud or poodle stud with only one furnishing gene will result in at least 25% of the litter being short haired (like a cavalier king charles spaniel). Such puppies require minimal grooming but tend to be heavy shedders. 

Our stud dogs are double furnished, which means their puppies are always teddy bear coated and non-shedding.

Before breeding with any dog, a thorough vet check by a reproduction specialist vet should be carried out. The vet will check your Cavoodle’s heart, eyes, ears, joints, patellas, hips and bite to assess if your dog is fit for breeding.

It is also advisable to have your dog DNA tested. At a cost of around $200, it is worthwhile to understand your dog’s genetics and what you’re working with in terms of any diseases in the bloodline and coat traits. 

DNA testing is easy to do, simply order a swab from Animal Genetics in the USA, swab inside your dog’s mouth and send the swab back. Within a couple of weeks, the results will usually be available.

All of our poodle stud dogs are hip-scored to prevent our puppies from developing the crippling chronic disease called hip dysplasia. Oodles such as Cavoodles, Groodles, Labradoodles, Bernedoodles, Spoodles and Bordoodles are prone to developing hip dysplasia.  

Therefore, this simple health test is invaluable in removing dogs that have loose hips from breeding programs. Thereby, preventing the breeding of puppies that are at a high risk of developing hip dysplasia. 

Our stud dogs have scored better than their respective breed averages for hip laxity. Similarly, their X-rays have shown no evidence of osteoarthritis in their hips.

Contact us and let us know why you would like to breed a litter with your Groodle. Breeding dogs is not for the faint-hearted. It involves many sleepless nights and lots of picking up poop! Sure, there are endless cuddles and sweet puppy breath, but when done well, it requires dedication and sacrifice. We only work with ethical and responsible breeders who understand the full-time commitment that raising a litter of puppies involves. So contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your breeding plans.

Our stud dog service fees are $800. This includes up to two matings or artificial inseminations in one breeding cycle. Once the stud fee is paid and breeding has taken place, clients receive copies of our stud’s health testing documents (to include in their puppy packs) including hip scores, DNA testing results and a tax invoice for the service. We also provide our clients with access to professional-quality photos of the stud, that can be included in advertising.

Yes, our Oodle stud dogs are double-furnished and do not carry copies of the improper coat gene. The improper coat gene produces puppies with short straight hair and these dogs tend to be heavy shedders.

Firstly, ensure your breeding female is healthy. She should be up to date with her vaccinations, worming & flea treatment. We also recommend DNA testing your dog, before breeding, to know what colours and potential diseases she carries. Our Oodle stud dogs are DNA clear of poodle-related diseases such as PRA, therefore there is no risk of puppies being affected by the DNA testable diseases, that our stud dogs have been cleared for, regardless of what your girl carries.

Our studs are also hip scored with better than breed average results, as a breeder this is important to consider as hip and elbow dysplasia negatively affects a dog’s quality of life and producing puppies with this condition can be costly. It is costly because the surgery requires an orthopaedic vet which can cost thousands. 

Our stud dogs are calm and confident. We don’t breed with dogs that are anxious, hyperactive or reactive to people and dogs. Our family has small children and our stud dogs need to be bombproof with them.  Our ultimate goal in breeding is to produce the best quality, hypoallergenic family dogs.


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