Spoodle (Cockapoo) – The Complete Guide to the Poodle Cocker Spaniel Mix Breed

The Spoodle, Cockerpoo, or Cockapoo is a hybrid dog obtained by crossing the Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. Spoodles combine high intelligence and a low-shedding hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle breed and the Spaniel’s sturdy build and sweet, patient, and loving nature.


Spoodles are sociable, friendly, and affectionate. They are eager to please and highly trainable dogs. They have a great affinity for people and make excellent dogs for families with children and other pets.

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What Kind of a Dog is a Spoodle?

Spoodle History

The Poodle is a versatile water dog that is completely non-shedding

The designer Spoodle was first bred in the USA and it is estimated that these hybrid dogs may have been around at least since the 1960s. While the AKC does not recognize this poodle mix breed, some breeders belonging to clubs are selectively breeding several generations of Spoodles to create the line as a recognised breed. Today, Spoodles are known for their low-to-no-shedding fur which is also free from the characteristic doggy odour.

The Cocker Spaniel is a loyal and devoted family companion

Thanks to celebrities like Ashley Judd and Jennifer Aniston, the Spoodle breed is fast gaining popularity.

Spoodle Physical Attributes

Spoodles are squarely built and well-balanced dogs. They weigh anywhere between 6 and 25 lb. (3 and 11 kg.) Depending on the Poodle parent, they can range from Toy to Miniature to Standard varieties. The following table shows the different height/weight ranges for the different sizes:




Toy Spoodle

10 in (25.4 cm)

Under 12 lb. (5.44 kg)

Miniature Spoodle

11-14 in (27.9 to 35.56 cm)

13-18 lb. (5.8 to 8.1 kg)

Standard (Maxi) Spoodle

At least 15 in (38 cm.)

More than 19 lb. (8.6 kg)

All three varieties carry a large round head with well-spaced eyes. They should have an alert expression.

The Spoodle’s coat is curly, wavy, or straight. Any solid colours such red, cream, apricot, chocolate, brown, tan etc or colours like parti, brown-black-silver with contrasting areas, sable, merle, brindle, or roan are available.

Do Spoodles Need Grooming?


All dogs need regular grooming and the Spoodle is no exception. You must brush and comb your Spoodle every day or at least 3-4 times a week. Also, bathe your pet once a month. Other grooming tasks like nail clipping and ear cleaning can be done once every few weeks or as needed. Teeth brushing is another daily grooming feature since Spoodles are prone to dental problems. If you want to avoid having to brush your dog’s teeth, feed them raw meaty bones to chew on, weekly. 

Are First Generation Spoodles Hypoallergenic?

Since first-generation dogs contain 50% of either parent breed, a Spoodle could inherit the shedding gene from its Cocker Spaniel parent. So, your first-generation Spoodle could shed anywhere from none to as much as a Cocker Spaniel.

However, the best spoodle breeders will DNA test their breeding stock for coat traits and quality poodle parents with non-shedding, fully furnished coat traits will produce these traits in their puppies. 

Spoodle Temperament and Behavior


Spoodles usually have a cheerful and confident demeanour. These delightfully affectionate dogs are highly intelligent. This also makes them highly trainable.

Is Spoodle a Good Family Dog?


Spoodles make excellent family dogs. They are very affectionate, cheerful, and playful. Spoodles are “real” people dogs – they are the happiest when they are with their human ‘pack’. Unfortunately, this also means that they tend to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone at home.

Not all Spoodles are anxious but if you do notice the signs of anxiety, you must use desensitisation techniques and positive reinforcement to curb it from your pet’s puppyhood. After all; anxious dogs tend to be destructive and might chew up slippers and furniture or tear up the bed linen.

Spoodles get along with children and love their company. As with any dog, it is important to socialise your Spoodle puppy with kids from the very beginning. Also, parents must teach their kids to respect the dog and not hit, pull its tail or ears, or disturb the dog while it is sleeping.

Spoodles also get along well with other dogs and cats provided they are socialised with them from a young age.

Due to their friendly nature, Spoodles might not make the best guard dogs. However, they make excellent companion dogs and can even be trained to be service dogs and therapy dogs.

Being small and compact in size, mini and toy Spoodles are great for apartment dwellers. However, they still are highly energetic dogs that need to run and play. So they will benefit from a fenced-in yard where they can run around to expend their energy. For standard-sized Spoodles, you’d need more space. Spoodles make great pets for people of all ages. If you show them love and kindness, they will return the favour. Their bubbly personalities make everyone fall in love with them.

Are Spoodles Easy to Train?


Spoodles need plenty of obedience training. Without training, they can get bossy and you certainly don’t want that. Their Poodle genes make them intelligent which makes training them easy. However, due to their Cocker Spaniel genes, Spoodles can be cautious and wary. This makes training challenging and even more imperative if you want a well-behaved dog.

Like all dogs, Spoodles respond well to positive training. They are very sensitive dogs and should never be shouted at or punished. These training methods do not work and worse, could make your dog aggressive, shy, or fearful.

Is a Spoodle a Good First-Time Dog?

Thanks to their easy trainability, high intelligence, adaptability, and affectionate natures, Spoodles make great dogs for first-time owners. Toy and Mini Spoodles are easy to tote around and that makes them easy to travel with. This exposure to different experiences, sights, and sounds is great for your dog and can make it more confident.

Do Spoodles Bark a Lot?

Some Spoodles do bark excessively and a few owners might be fine with that. However, if you aren’t or if you live in a home with neighbours close by, then you might want to train your dog to bark on cue. Not all kinds of barking are bad: your Spoodle might bark to warn you about strangers or intruders or simply about something amiss in your surroundings.

Are Spoodles Aggressive?

Aggression is not a natural trait in Spoodles and, as such, should be nipped in the bud. Generally, Spoodles are very calm and affectionate dogs. Any aggression like snapping, growling, snarling, and biting, should be addressed with proper training, socialization, and desensitization.

Also, it is very important to select your puppy from a reputable breeder as that can have an impact on its temperament. Ask the breeder to introduce you to the parent dogs. If they appear aggressive or unfriendly, you might want to steer clear of the breeder.

How Much Exercise does a Spoodle Need?

Most Spoodles are moderate-to-high energy dogs. They will need several short walks around the block and a few play sessions indoors every day. Your dog will need this exercise no matter what the weather outside is – so you’d have to commit to this time, no matter what. The smaller versions of Spoodles need slightly less exercise so if you have a busy lifestyle, you might want to consider those.

How Much Does a Spoodle Cost?


A reputable breeder might charge anywhere between $2000 and $5000 for a Spoodle puppy. This cost can increase if the breeder trains their puppies or needs to ship your dog to you. You could adopt a Spoodle for a lot less from an animal rescue shelter. Adoption fees in the USA are between $200 and $500 and many also cover the pup’s vaccinations, spaying/neutering, etc.

What To Feed a Spoodle?

Feed your Spoodle puppy the same kibble (dry dog food) or raw puppy food, that it was eating at the breeder. It is a good idea to soak the kibble in some water before feeding it. Your puppy will need at least 3-4 of these meals. Keep fresh drinking water available for your pet at all times.

Once your Spoodle is an adult, you can feed it adult dog food. Your vet or breeder can guide you. Most Spoodles do well with 2 meals per day but this can vary based on your pet’s activity levels, overall health, etc.

In addition to dry dog food (kibble), you could feed your Spoodle soft/wet/canned food, dehydrated or freeze-dried food, and even raw food. Always choose high-quality food and consult a veterinary nutritionist before making any dietary changes.

Look for food free from preservatives, dyes, colours, and fillers. Some Spoodles are allergic to dairy, gluten, and even certain proteins. If that is the case, you might want to switch to a hypoallergenic, grain-free food and even try novel protein (a protein that your dog hasn’t eaten before).

What Problems Do Spoodles Have?

A Spoodle has a fairly long lifespan and most live for over 13-15 years. Some of the common health issues seen in the breed are

  • Eye issues – hereditary cataracts, PRA or progressive retinal atrophy, corneal ulcerations, and glaucoma.
  • Joint issues – luxating patella, hip/elbow dysplasia
  • Ear problems – these may be linked to allergies and yeast infections
  • Skin problems – often linked to allergies
  • Dental problems

FAQs – Spoodles


Are Spoodles or Cavoodles better?

Spoodles are slightly bigger than Cavoodles. Both are feisty little dogs with tons of energy and make great pets for families with kids and other dogs. Both need plenty of training and socialisation from a young age.

What is the difference between Cockapoo and Spoodle?

There is no difference. Cockapoo (or Cockerpoo) and Spoodle are hybrid or designer dogs obtained by crossing a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle.

Should I get a Cavoodle or Spoodle?

Both dog breeds make excellent pets. If you want a slightly bigger dog that sheds less, go in for the Spoodle. Both dogs do well with active families with kids and usually get along with other pets. However, both breeds also need consistent positive training and handling from the start.

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