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10 Cutest Poodle Mixes that could change your life!

10 Cutest Poodle Mixes to fall in love with! If you’re thinking of adopting or buying a Poodle hybrid and want an adorable, teddy-bear-like dog, then this list of 10 of the cutest Poodle mixes is sure to help and inspire!

10 Cutest Poodle Mixes – 10 of the most Adorable Poodle Mix Breeds

1.   Cavoodle/Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Poodle)

10 Cutest Poodle Mixes

Did you know: the Cavoodle or Cavapoo is the most searched designer dog in the USA and Australia? A mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, you can get Cavoodles in different sizes ranging from 9-14 inches (22 to 36 cm) and weighing between 8 lb to 25 lb (3.6-11 kg).

They are playful, alert, and smart dogs, although they could be challenging to train because of their cute looks and neediness. Separation anxiety and barking are common behaviour problems but positive dog training that promotes calmness, tolerance to frustration and independence helps.

Similarly, only consider Cavoodle puppies for sale from reputable breeders. The best Cavoodle breeders carry out DNA testing for coat traits, health issues and hip score breeding dogs to ensure they’re producing healthy, non-shedding Cavoodle puppies. Never buy a puppy from a puppy farm or unscrupulous backyard breeder, they often have health and behaviour problems

Cavoodles also need daily grooming to prevent matting.

2.   Chipoo (Chihuahua Cross Poodle)

10 Cutest Poodle Mixes

Most Chipoos or Chihuahua-Poodle mixes weigh between 5 and 20 lb. (2-10 kg) and measure between 5 and 15 inches (12.7 cm to 38.1 cm) at the withers or shoulders.

The Chipoo is a small dog with a huge personality. Don’t let its small size fool you – Chipoos are extremely active and energetic dogs that need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. They need at least 2-3 short walks per day to keep them out of trouble. Early obedience training is also a must for these feisty little furballs.

3.   Cockapoo/Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel Cross Poodle)

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The Cockapoo or Spoodle is one of the earliest Poodle mixes estimated to have first originated in the 1960s.

A mix of the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, Cockapoos are adorable and compact-sized dogs weighing between 6 and 25 lb. (3 – 11 kg.) and measuring between 10-15 inches (25 to 38 cm). They require a lot of attention and interaction and are prone to separation anxiety. Cockapoos also need daily brushing and regular baths to prevent matting, parasites, doggy odours, and other coat-related issues.

4.   Doxiepoo (Dachshund Cross Poodle)

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Doxiepoos are usually obtained by crossing Dachshunds with Toy Poodles. These hybrid dogs typically shed a lot less than the Dachshund parent – especially the long-haired Dachshund.

Doxiepoos usually weigh between 5 and 30 lb.(2 to 13 kg) and measure 5-15 inches (12 to 38 cm) at the withers. They make excellent family dogs and are good with children and other dogs. However, they do need early training. Their compact size makes them excellent apartment dogs but they can be barkers.

5.   Havapoo (Havanese Cross Poodle)

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The Havapoo/Havanoodle looks more like a stuffed teddy bear than a dog. An adorable cross between the Havanese and a Miniature or Toy Poodle, Havapoos are becoming increasingly popular as pets due to their cute looks, hypoallergenic coat and compact sizes. Most Havapoos measure 8-15 inches (20 to 38 cm) and weigh between 10-45 lb. (4 to 20 kg).

Havapoos make excellent pets and they love to cuddle. They enjoy being part of all the family activities. If you plan on buying or adopting a Havapoo, be prepared to spend a lot of time training and interacting with your pet.

6.   Maltipoo/Moodle (Maltese Terrier Cross Poodle)

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Maltipoos are adorable Poodle mixes with hypoallergenic coats. They are the cross between Maltese terriers and Mini or Toy Poodles. Most measure around 10 inches or 25 cm.

Maltipoos are generally friendly dogs. They get along with kids and other house pets. However, their small sizes mean they are susceptible to being injured by kids who play rough. This makes them better suited for households with older kids.

7.   Pomapoo (Pomeranian Cross Poodle)

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Pomapoos are the adorable cross between Pomeranians and Poodles. They weigh around 5-15 lb. or 2-7 kg. Pomapoos need plenty of exercise, training, and socialisation. They also need regular grooming. Pomapoos are also prone to separation anxiety and tend to bark loudly when left alone. 

Crate training is a powerful training exercise to prevent poodle crossbreeds from developing separation anxiety. When trained positively it encourages independence, tolerance to frustration and calmness. 

Pomapoos will entertain themselves if you don’t, so it is important to teach your Pomapoo some basic obedience commands.

8.   Poochon/Bichoodle (Bichon Frise Cross Poodle)

cutest poodle mixes

Bichoodles or Poochons are energetic and adorable furballs obtained by crossing Bichon Frise and Miniature or Toy Poodles. They weigh around 7 and 16 lb. (3 to 7 kg) and are perfect for apartments and small homes.

Poochons have significantly low to non-shedding coats and also do not smell as much as some of the other purebred dogs. They do need consistent training from an early age but they also learn quickly due to their high intelligence and eager-to-please attitudes.

The main difference between the Cavoodle and the Bichoodle is in their coat texture. Bichoodles have a wool coat and while Cavoodles can also have a wool coat, they are available in fleece and smooth or short hair.

For allergy sufferers, the Bichoodle is a popular option because they are non-shedding. Cavoodles bred by inexperienced breeders can still shed. Breeding Cavoodles involves understanding the DNA of coat traits and their mode of inheritance. Breeding two genetically incompatible dogs together can produce Cavoodles with high-shedding short hair like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

9.   Shihpoo (Shihtzu Cross Poodle)

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Shipoos are one of the cutest hybrid dogs born to the adorable Shih-Tzu and the smart Poodle. They measure between 8 and 18 inches (20 to 45 cm) and weigh between 8 and 18 lb. (3 kg to 8 kg). Shipoos are generally friendly, energetic, active, and loving dogs. Their sweet and docile temperaments make them excellent therapy dogs for patients and anxiety sufferers. On the downside, most Shipoos hate being left alone and are prone to separation anxiety.

10. Westiepoo (West Highland White Terrier Cross Poodle)

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Westiepoos are beautiful teddy bear-like dogs obtained by crossing the charming West Highland White Terrier and a Mini or Toy Poodle. Most Westiepoos weigh between 10-35 lb (4-16 kg) and measure between 9 and 17 inches (22 to 43 cm) at the shoulders.

Due to their compact sizes, they make perfect pets for seniors and people with limited mobility. However, they do need their daily quota of exercise without which, they can get bored and destructive. A Westiepoo will also need plenty of training and socialisation but, once trained, can make wonderful companions for life. Buying a puppy from an ethical Westiepoo breeder is important as allergies are a common problem in this poodle crossbreed.

10 Cutest Poodle Mixes – Conclusion

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Of the 10 Cutest Poodle Mixes, the most popular is undoubtedly the Cavoodle. But there are hundreds of cute Poodle mixes and Double Poodle mix (Doodle cross Doodle) puppies available out there. So many, that we certainly cannot do justice to all of them.

Almost all well-bred Doodle mixes are cute and teddy bear-like. They are also incredibly smart and highly trainable. Poodle mixes easily fit into any household as long as someone takes the time and effort to train them. They also make excellent family dogs.

We hope our guide to the 10 Cutest Poodle Mixes helps you find the right Doodle companion for you to love!

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