Get to know more about me

Raggy Dogs founder, ‘Tres’ has made a life-long commitment to helping people in their search to find and cultivate the best family dog for their lifestyle.

This passion has seen her devote 37 years to the training, breeding, feeding, raising, care, connection and behavioural modification of both companion and competition sports dogs.

A Love of Poodles

Tres got her first Toy Poodle when she was 5 years old and a lifelong bond with this special breed ensued. In the last 20 years, thanks to her science studies she discovered the many benefits of increased genetic diversity enjoyed by cross-bred dogs.

Genetic Diversity, Health and Temperament over Purity of Pedigree

Resultantly, she is now a strong advocate for breeding two healthy dogs with exceptional temperaments together, regardless of their pedigree or breed. However, she does not condone the aimless breeding of dogs that do not have loving homes waiting for them. In breeding any animal there must always be a well-considered end goal.

Tres’ breeding philosophy has led to the establishment of her unique bloodline of Raggy Dogs. Raggy Dogs combines her foundation breeding dogs that include:

  • A calm Bordoodle (Harmaa)
  • An intuitive and highly attuned Groodle (Shula) 
  • A charismatic Toy Poodle stud (Piccolo)
  • A happy-go-lucky Cavoodle (Manuka)
  • A soft-natured Cavoodle stud (Saffron)

She has combined the genetics of these mentally and physically sound and fully health-tested dogs to produce low to non-shedding small to medium-sized dogs for families. 

University Science Studies 

Raggy Dogs

Having spent time studying Animal Veterinary Bioscience at the tertiary level and completing a Bachelor of Pharmacy with first-class honours at the University of Sydney. Tres’ philosophies are grounded in science and critical thinking.

Tres has 4 dogs and lives at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia. Zimba the 14-year-old standard poodle who has many obedience titles to her name, reminds her to slow down and enjoy every moment. Piccolo, Astro and Cino her toy and mini poodles, keep Tres active and love their walks along the river.

Advocate of small-scale home-based family dog breeding practices

Being an advocate for small home-based family dog breeding, she has helped and supported many new breeders, guiding them to become ethical, informed and responsible in their practice.

Oodle Stud Dogs

Tres enjoys sharing her stud dogs’ genetics with other passionate, reputable breeders. Her stud dogs are DNA tested, hip scored and have confident and optimistic temperaments. Tres’ dogs have sired many Mini Oodles who have gone on to become cherished family dogs along with trusted therapy and assistance dogs. 

Tres understands how coat colour and texture traits such as furnishings and shedding genes are inherited. She shares her knowledge and experience to help breeders plan their matings and achieve their breeding goals.

Favourite Poodle Mix Breeds

Tres is passionate about poodle mix breeds and enjoys witnessing the health benefits these dogs experience due to their increased genetic diversity.

Some of her favourite Oodles include the: