Get to know more about me

Tresilla Hellman, BPharm (Hons) has made a life-long commitment to helping people in their search to find and cultivate the best family dog for their lifestyle. This passion has seen her devote 37 years to the training, breeding, raising, care, connection and behavioural modification of both companion and competition sports dogs.

A life with dogs

Having spent time studying Animal Veterinary Bioscience at tertiary level and completing a Bachelor of Pharmacy with first class honours at the University of Sydney, her philosophies are grounded in science.

Tresilla has 4 dogs and lives at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia. Zimba the 12 year old standard poodle who has many obedience titles to her name, reminds her to slow down and enjoy every moment. Piccolo, Astro and Cino her toy and mini poodles, keep Tresilla active and love their walks along the river. Raising the occasional litter of puppies, she stays in touch with her guardian families, who love and care for the girls that keep the Raggy Dogs bloodline going.

Tresilla doesn’t believe in having more than 3-4 dogs in her care at any one time as she understands the importance of all dogs receiving one on one attention and connection with humans. All dogs have their individual needs and wants, meeting these on a daily basis is a big responsibility and commitment. One person can only stretch themselves so far before both human/s and dog/s start to suffer. Being an advocate for small home-based dog breeding, she has helped and supported many new breeders, guiding them to become ethical, informed and responsible in their practice.