January 11, 2023
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Are Cavoodles Good Family Dogs?

Are cavoodles good family dogs

The question every potential Cavoodle dog owner asks other Cavoodle owners is ‘are Cavoodles good family dogs?’ ‘Do they get along with kids?’. ‘Do they have the right temperament to bond with a family?’

Are Cavoodles good family dogs? The 30-second answer?

 Yes, Cavoodles make excellent family dogs. They are friendly, loving, affectionate, and extremely loyal. They also love interacting with kids and are always ready for a game of fetch. They are smart and highly trainable which means they can fit into your household right away with some basic obedience and life skills training.


Let us take a look at the reasons why Cavoodles are great family dogs:

4 Reasons why Cavoodles make Great Family Dogs

Are cavoodles good family dogs

1.   They Are Child-Friendly

Cavoodles from good breeders are well-socialised and have positive experiences with kids in the first 8 weeks of life. Most Cavoodles also hate being left alone and gladly welcome the company of kids. They also have a playful streak which makes them want to be a part of all family activities. This makes them excellent pets for people having children.

Please note that Cavoodles can vary in size from 3-12 kg. The smaller Toy Cavoodle could easily get injured by boisterous children who play rough. Therefore, it is important to teach your children to be careful around your small dog.

Similarly, larger Cavoodles tend to be exuberant and easily get excited. They could unknowingly hurt younger kids. Therefore, you will need to supervise the interaction between your young dog and a toddler/baby.

2.   They Are Affectionate


Cavoodles are inherently affectionate, loving, and loyal dogs. As mentioned before, they dislike being alone and love being part of a pack. They are cuddly dogs that will calmly lay at your feet whilst you go about your day. 

If trained and well-socialised, you can feel confident when you invite friends over that your Cavoodle will also be affectionate with them as well.

Cavoodles tend to get attached to one person in the family, but they shower their love on everyone equally.

3.   They Are Smart and Easy To Train


Another reason why Cavoodles make great family pets is because of their high trainability. This hybrid dog is the cross of two intelligent dog breeds – Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. This makes them grasp commands with ease.

When you provide your dog with early training, you can ensure that it will fit into your household and behave the way you want. You won’t feel stressed while walking your dog or taking it to malls, beaches, or other public places. This will help make your Cavoodle a part of everything your family does.

4.   They Are Energetic and Active

If you are an active, outdoor person, your Cavoodle will love to accompany you on hikes and camping trips. They are always ready for a game of fetch in the yard or hide-and-seek indoors. With a Cavoodle, you will never be a couch potato as most dogs need to be walked twice a day. This is great for bonding with your dog, while also keeping you and your pet mentally and physically fit.

What Problems do Cavoodles Have?


There are a few downsides to owning a Cavoodle:

They Need a Fair Amount of Grooming

Many Cavoodles – especially the F1-B/F2 B generation pups are born with curly coats just like their Poodle parent. This makes them shed less – a lot less than Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. However, less shedding means that their coat is more prone to matting and requires regular combing and brushing. 

However, you still need to groom your Cavoodle regularly to keep its coat in good condition. Grooming helps eliminate ticks, fleas, and mites. It can also reduce debris and dirt trapped in the coat. Fleece and wool-coated Cavoodles also need professional grooming every 6 weeks. Straight or short-haired Cavoodles are lower maintenance in terms of grooming but shed more around the house. 

They Hate Being Left Alone


Separation anxiety is fairly common in this designer dog. Most Cavoodles dislike being alone and tend to cry or whine when left by themselves. You need to train your dog from an early age to feel safe and comfortable being independent of you. Crate training is invaluable and the best Cavoodle breeders crate train puppies before they leave home. You could also consider enrolling your Cavoodle puppy in doggy daycare or hiring a pet sitter.

They tend to Bark

are cavoodles good family dogs?

While no two Cavoodles are the same, many have a tendency to bark excessively. This behaviour can be curbed through early obedience training. Not all barking is unnecessary – your Cavoodle might bark to warn you about some danger in your surroundings. 

To create a calm Cavoodle their training program should focus on developing impulse control, tolerance to frustration and calmness.

They Could Have Health Issues


Good breeders ensure healthy Cavoodle puppies with fewer genetic health issues. However, Cavoodles could still develop problems like mitral valve disease, luxating patella, hip/elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, etc.

Are Cavoodles Hard to Take Care Of?


The non-shedding Cavoodles are high maintenance in terms of grooming. Short-haired Cavoodles require less grooming but shed more around the house.

Cavoodles can also have separation anxiety and tend to bark – behaviours that can be modified with positive training methods.

Cavoodles need experienced handling and positive training. Like most poodle mix breeds they are often not the best choice as pets for first-time dog owners. Cavoodle dog owners need to be able to commit time to groom and train their oodle. 

Like all dogs, Cavoodles also need daily exercise, regular veterinary care, and good nutrition to keep them healthy. If you consider all this difficult, then you could say that Cavoodles are hard to care for.

Conclusion – Are Cavoodles Good Family Dogs?


Cavoodles are great family dogs because they generally get along with kids, respond well to early training, and are also affectionate and loyal. They love being a part of all family activities and are energetic, alert, and playful.

All these qualities make them excellent family dogs but like all oodle breeds, they can be high maintenance in terms of grooming and behaviour. 

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