Are cavoodles high maintenance?

Are Cavoodles High Maintenance?


Cavoodles – a cross between the highly intelligent Poodle and the sweet but clingy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeds – make great pets for kids and adults alike. But this combination of genetics makes for a dog that requires regular grooming and training. 

Are Cavoodles high maintenance? Do they need a lot of grooming? What about their exercise and behavioural needs?

Let us find out!

Are Cavoodles High Maintenance?

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Cavoodles are fairly high maintenance. Despite most having a relatively low-shedding coat (except the short hair Cavoodle variety), they require regular grooming. Also, they are highly intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation to prevent boredom. Some Cavoodles are prone to separation anxiety and certain health issues. Your Cavoodle will also need daily exercise, balanced nutrition, and consistent, positive forms of training early on.

Are Cavoodles Good House Dogs?

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Cavoodles make excellent pets, but, just like all dogs, they do have certain needs. These include:

Daily Exercise

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Cavoodles can vary in size from 3 kg to 15 kg., depending on their Poodle parent. No matter what its size, your Cavoodle will need daily exercise. Without exercise, your dog can not only get obese but might also suffer from boredom, depression, and anxiety.

Naturally, the duration of exercise will vary based on your Doodle’s age, health, and size. Toy Cavoodles require less exercise than the larger Mini Cavoodles. 

Most Cavoodles do well with a daily walk of 20-40 minutes. You can always break this up into 2-3 shorter walks. If needed, hire a dog walker to walk your pet. You can also play indoors with your Cavoodle – a game of fetch or hide and seek are some great games to mentally and physically stimulate your dog.

Mental stimulation is important for this intelligent, small breed of dog. Food puzzles, snuffle mats, stuffed Kongs, long-lasting chews and licky mats are all great interactive toys to keep Cavoodles occupied.

Grooming Needs

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Cavoodles that inherit the Poodle-like curly coat tend to shed a lot less than the ones who inherit the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s coat. Cavoodles with a curly coat of wool, will mat quickly and require at least twice weekly brushing and combing to maintain their coat.

Fleece-coated Cavoodles are also prone to matting but require less grooming maintenance than wool-coated Cavoodles. Brushing and combing through thick wool is much more physically demanding on the groomer than a fleece coat. A thorough brush and comb twice weekly is usually sufficient for fleece coats depending on the length of the Cavoodle’s hairstyle. 

In both cases, your Cavoodle will benefit from daily brushing. Your pet will also need a bath every few weeks.

Smooth-coated or short-haired Cavoodles are the easiest to maintain. However, they do shed quite heavily like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cavoodles also require professional grooming once every 6 weeks. This can cost $90 a visit and many Cavoodle dog owners choose to groom their dogs at home. Groomers can help you get your Cavoodle’s nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and anal glands expressed.

If you don’t feed your dog raw bones, you must also brush your dog’s teeth every day. Smaller Cavoodles are susceptible to dental issues since the food bits get stuck in their small mouths, leading to bacterial accumulation.

Some Cavoodles also won’t chew bones to clean their teeth or favour certain teeth leaving others to deteriorate. This can result in plaque and tartar. Regular dental care can prevent cavities.

Are Cavoodle High Maintenance? – Human Interaction

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Cavoodles thrive on attention from their humans. Some are even known to be clingy, following their humans everywhere they go. Many are known to have separation anxiety when left alone. Some tend to urinate indoors, bark excessively, and tear bed linen when left alone at home.

Health Care

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Cavoodles are mostly healthy but, from time to time, some are known to develop health issues seen in the parent dog breeds. These include eye problems, skin issues, hip dysplasia, mitral valve disease, luxating patella, and epilepsy.

You can prevent most of these health issues in your dog by buying your Cavoodle puppy from an ethical breeder. The best Cavoodle breeders health test their breeding dogs, including DNA testing and hip scoring.

Ethical and reputable Cavoodle breeders conduct health exams and genetic tests on their breeding dogs and only breed ones that are cleared for these genetic health problems. Good nutrition, grooming, dog training, daily exercise, and regular vet checkups can also keep your Cavoodle healthy for years to come.

Are Cavoodles High Maintenance? – FAQs

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Does a Cavoodle bark a lot?

No two Cavoodles are the same. Some bark a lot and are quite vocal; others are quiet and docile. You could always train your Cavoodle from its puppyhood to ensure that it only barks on cue. Similarly, buying a Cavoodle puppy from a small, ethical breeder and not from a puppy farm will mean they are less likely to develop behaviour problems later in life.

Are Cavoodles indoor dogs?

Cavoodles are meant to be indoor dogs as they need to be around their humans. They tend to fret if left outdoors for too long. As such, pet-quality or companion dog breeds like Cavoodles are best kept indoors with optimum periods of outdoor play and exercise.

Cavoodles can also bark and suffer from separation anxiety when they are left outdoors for extended periods of time. To minimise complaints from neighbours, they should be kept indoors, particularly when no one is home. 

Are Cavoodle good pets?

Cavoodles make excellent pets. They are incredibly smart and easy to train. They are also affectionate, loving, and loyal. Cavoodles make excellent companions for kids and adults alike. They even make good pets for the elderly as long as they receive daily exercise.

Conclusion – Are Cavoodles High Maintenance?

Are cavoodles high maintenance?

Depending on their coat type Cavoodles can be high maintenance in terms of grooming. Fleece and wool-coated Cavoodles require a thorough brush and comb at least twice weekly. Short-haired Cavoodles require less grooming but are high maintenance when it comes to shedding and time spent cleaning up the hair around the house, on clothes etc. They are also energetic, active, and alert dogs that need physical exercise 2-3 times a day. Cavoodles also need early puppy training to prevent issues like excess barking and other common behaviour problems like separation anxiety.

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