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Black Cavoodle Top FAQs and 5 Fun Facts


The black Cavoodle (also known as a Cavapoo) is a hybrid dog obtained by crossing a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

As their name indicates, black Cavoodles have an all-black coat. Black is a rare colour in Cavoodles and typically comes from having a black, chocolate or phantom Poodle parent. Although, some f1b, f2 and f2b generation black Cavoodles have a black, chocolate or phantom (black and tan) Cavoodle parent/s.

Let us study everything there is to know about the black Cavoodle.

Are Black Cavoodles Rare?

black cavoodle puppies for sale

Yes, black Cavoodles are fairly rare. After all; it is hard to predict the exact coat colour of the puppies born by crossing a Poodle with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Experienced Cavoodle breeders use DNA testing to ascertain what coat colours their breeding dogs carry. When two Cavoodles of the same colour are bred, they will produce the same colour in their puppies. However, when two Cavoodles of different colours are bred together, a rainbow of colours can result, including black.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are available in colours like Blenheim, black-and-tan, ruby, and tricolour (white-black-chestnut). Poodles come in colours like apricot, brown, caramel, red, sable, white, black, grey, merle, silver, ruby, phantom, black and tan etc.

Typically, black Cavapoos may be born to black Poodles or Poodles having a black parent. Black, red and chocolate Poodles crossed with black-and-tan or tri-coloured Cavalier King Charles spaniels could have black Cavapoo puppies. If a black cavapoo doesn’t carry any other recessive colours such as red or chocolate, it will never produce those colours, no matter what colour the poodle stud is.

black and white cavoodle

In contrast, the gene responsible for producing merle Cavoodles, is a dominant gene, therefore only one parent needs to carry it, and 50% of the litter will be merle-coloured Cavoodle puppies.

Also, a back-crossed Cavoodle such as an F1-B Cavoodle (obtained by crossing a Cavoodle with a black Poodle), could give result in a litter of black Cavoodles. Similarly, crossing a chocolate Poodle stud with a red Cavoodle will produce black Cavoodle puppies, if the parents don’t both carry the red and chocolate recessive genes.

Thus, the availability of black Cavoodle puppies varies depending on the breeder and the specific traits they are breeding for. 

When viewing Cavoodle puppies for sale; research and choose a reputable breeder who prioritises the health and well-being of their dogs rather than their colours.

Are Black Cavoodles Popular?

black cavoodle puppy

Cavoodles come in various coat colours. The most popular coat colours are blue merle, chocolate merle and ruby red. 

Blue merle Cavoodles have a dark background colour with patches of lighter colours. They also have light blue or grey eyes. These puppies are in great demand and breeders tend to charge premium prices for them. Tri-coloured Cavoodles are also popular and in great demand.

Black-coloured Cavoodles are fairly rare. Since finding black Cavoodles is a rarity, they are not as popular and there is not much demand for them.

Many Cavoodle breeders focus on breeding popular colours such as ruby red, chocolate and merle, This is why, some breeders tend to charge low prices for black Cavoodles, especially if they have just one or two of these pups in their litter.

Do Black Cavoodles Stay Black?

black cavoodle turning grey

Not all black Cavoodle puppies will stay black in adulthood. Sometimes, their colour may fade to grey as the dog ages.

Sometimes, black Cavapoos may remain black all their lives. It all depends on the dog’s genes.

Factors like the dog’s diet, exposure to sunlight, and overall health could also decide if it remains black or if its colour changes with time.

Thus, there is no guarantee that a black Cavapoo will remain black all through its life. The best predictor of whether or not a Cavoodle will fade is to view the parents of the puppy or previous litter siblings when they are at least 2 years old. Some Cavoodles will actually get darker up to the age of 2 years and then start to fade quickly.

Black Cavoodle Haircuts

black cavoodle haircuts

Black Cavoodles with shiny fleece coats can be breathtakingly beautiful when well groomed. Whether they are groomed in a short hairstyle or a cute teddy bear haircut, they are sure to be popular. Our Cavoodle Grooming Guide shares how to groom a range of popular Black Cavoodle haircuts in 6 simple steps. 

What is the Size of a Black Cavoodle Full Grown?

A fully grown black Cavoodle generally weighs between 4-12 kg (or between 8-25 lb). They may measure between 9-14 inches at the shoulder or about 28-35 centimetres. Black Toy Cavoodles usually weigh between 3.5-5kg, while black Miniature Cavoodles can be 9-12kg.

Typically, Cavoodles reach their full adult size by the time they are 9-12 months old. However, a Cavoodle’s growth rate depends on its genetics, environment, diet, and overall health.

black toy cavoodle

Some black Cavoodles reach their adult size by 9 months whereas, some might take almost a year and a half or up to 2 years to reach their full adult size.

It is important to provide your Cavoodle with the right nutrition, exercise, and regular vet check-ups for it to thrive.

What Colour Cavoodle is the Most Expensive?

black toy cavoodle puppy

The price of your Cavoodle puppy can depend on various factors including the breeder’s reputation and popularity, your pet’s age, bloodlines, coat colours, health testing and the breeder’s location.

In general, a Cavoodle with a rare coat colour such as blue merle is priced higher. Also, breeders may charge slightly more for Cavoodles with particoloured coats.

Similarly, tri-coloured, all-white, red, ruby, chocolate, gold, cream, and apricot-coloured Cavoodles are in great demand and may cost more.

When selecting your Cavoodle puppy, do not base your decision on its price and coat colour alone. Always look for the best Cavoodle Breeder in your price range, who focuses on health and temperament. Insist on the puppy’s vet records and ask for the health tests they have done on the breeding stock. 

Remember: good breeders always prioritise their dogs’ health over their coat colours.

black and tan cavoodle

FAQs – Black Cavoodle FAQs and Facts

Why is my black Cavoodle turning grey?

Black Cavoodles may turn prematurely grey due to the progressive greying gene common in Poodles. Sometimes, stress and separation anxiety can also cause a black-coloured dog to go prematurely grey. If you’re concerned about your black Cavoodle’s greying, please talk to a vet.

Do black Cavoodles bark a lot?

Some Cavoodles tend to bark excessively irrespective of their coat colour. They may bark for communicating with their owners, to warn about potential danger, or to express some need. They may also bark due to stress, anxiety, frustration, excitement or boredom. 
You can train your Cavoodle to bark on cue or try methods like behaviour modification, desensitisation, and counter-conditioning to limit your Cavoodle’s barking.

Why are Cavoodles so needy?

Cavoodles are affectionate, people-oriented dogs. They love their humans and dislike being left alone. Some even tend to suffer from separation anxiety. This can make them appear clingy and needy.
Check out my article;  Can Cavoodles be Left Alone where I have shared tips on how to leave your Cavoodle home alone and help it cope.

What is a fun fact about a Cavoodle?

Most Cavoodles are hypoallergenic thanks to their Poodle parent. They shed very little and are generally good for people with pet allergies.
However, it is essential to note that no dog can be 100% hypoallergenic. Allergies could also occur due to the dog’s saliva and urine as well.

What is the best thing about Cavoodles?

Cavoodles are happy, loyal, loving, and affectionate small dogs. They are family-oriented, sweet, and easy to train.  They make excellent pets for families with children or other pets. They also have a playful side and love to play fetch or go for walks.

Black Cavoodle puppies for sale and Breeders in Australia

There are often fewer Black Cavoodle puppies available than red Cavoodle puppies. Breeders tend to focus on breeding the ever-popular red and ruby-coloured Cavoodle puppies.

The Black Cavoodle, particularly the Black Toy Cavoodle is a small, cute and cuddly poodle mix breed that is a popular family dog.  If you can’t find a Black Cavoodle Puppy for sale near you, you might need to join a waitlist.

If you’re having trouble finding Black Cavoodle breeders or puppies for sale near you, consider looking for a rescue or other similar non-shedding poodle mix breeds such as the English Boodle, Papi-PooBichoodle, Cavoodle, Chi-Poo, Yorki-Poo, PeekaPoo, DoxiePoo, ShihPoo, Schnoodle, Bichoodle, Standard Schnoodle, Mini or Standard Bordoodle,  Roodle, Shepadoodle, Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle or Groodle.

Conclusion – Black Cavoodle

black cavoodle full grown

If you are interested in buying a black Cavapoo, please do your research about the breeder. Do not base your selection on the puppy’s price and coat colour alone.

Make sure to discuss the Cavoodle’s health and genetics, as well as the breeder’s breeding practices. Only these factors can ensure a healthy and happy Cavoodle. Puppies born and raised in puppy farms grow to have behaviour problems and tend to live shorter lives.

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