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10 Adorable and Popular Cavoodle Grooming Styles!


If you have a fleece or wool coated Cavoodle – the Cavoodle grooming styles are endless and you’ll want to consider your options before visiting the groomer.

The greatest thing about owning this breed is its magnificent coat!

In fact; Cavoodles were first bred for their low-shedding coats. Dog breeders also strive to achieve the low-dander Poodle coat in their Cavoodles. 

This feature, combined with their superior intelligence and high trainability, makes the Cavoodle one of the most popular Doodle dogs today. It seems everyone owns one of these smart, low-shedding Doodle dogs! But you can always set your Cavoodle apart and make its personality shine by giving it a unique haircut. 

Want to know 10 adorable and popular Cavoodle grooming styles? Then read on: we have ten different Cavoodle grooming styles for you!

Table of Contents - Cavoodle Grooming Styles

10 Adorable and Popular Cavoodle Grooming Styles

1.   The Puppy Cut


The puppy cut is one of the cute and low-maintenance Cavoodle grooming styles. Your groomer will trim your Cavoodle’s coat to a uniform length, usually about 1-½ to 2 inches all over its body. 

They might also trim the hair on the dog’s ears short to give them a feathered look. The tail may also be trimmed to a short-to-medium length. The hair on the paws is trimmed for a rounded appearance.

cavoodle teddy bear cut



    • Minimises shedding

    • Reduces matting and tangles

    • Good for the summer months

    • Gives a youthful appearance.



    • May require frequent trims for maintenance

    • Offers less versatility in styling.

2.   The Teddy Bear Cut


The teddy bear cut is not too different from the puppy cut described above. The main difference is that the teddy bear cut is more suitable for curly-haired Cavoodles.

This Cavapoo grooming style looks super cute on Toy Cavoodles, making them look like real-life tiny teddy bears.

The groomer will achieve a fluffy and rounded look (just like a teddy bear) by keeping the hair longer all over your Cavoodle’s body and face, often with rounded ears.

cavoodle puppy cut



    • It is one of the most popular Cavoodle grooming styles

    • It gives a cute and cuddly appearance to your pet

    • Could minimise shedding

    • Lasts longer and gives you more time between trims.



    • Teddy bear Cavoodle grooming styles require regular brushing and maintenance to prevent matting

    • It could obstruct vision if the hair is left too long around the eyes.

    • To keep your Cavoodle well-groomed, you need to take it for a trim every four weeks

3.   The Lamb Cut


 The lamb cut resembles a fluffy lamb and is a popular haircut for poodles. Cavoodle grooming styles are generally adapted versions of poodle styles.

Your Cavoodle’s hair on the face, tail, and feet may be shaved short, while its topknot and tail may be kept at the same size.



    • One of the most unique and stylish Cavoodle grooming styles

    • Shows off the natural texture of your Cavoodle’s coat

    • Reduces maintenance compared to full-length styles.

    • Ideal for summers and can help keep your Cavoodle cooler.



    • Requires regular trimming to maintain the contrast between long and short hair.

    • You need to brush your dog regularly to prevent matting.

4.   The Kennel Cut


Like the puppy and teddy bear Cavoodle grooming styles, the Kennel Cut is a practical style for a Cavoodle. It is shorter than the other two styles, and the length of the hair is the same throughout the dog’s body.



    • Versatile and customisable

    • Ideal for busy owners

    • Requires little maintenance



    • There is no standardisation in this style, and it may look different on different Cavoodles.

5.   The Schnauzer Cut


Mimicking the appearance of a Schnauzer, the face, head, neck, and body hair of your Cavoodle is left longer, while the fur on its legs is layered and longer.



    • Gives a distinctive and charming look

    • Requires less grooming on the body and reduces matting on the face as compared to other Cavoodle grooming styles.

    • Good for the summer months



    • May need regular trimming

    • Could result in matting on the body if not brushed regularly.

6.   The Continental Cut (European Cut)


The continental cut is a traditional, regal, and elegant style. It is mainly used for Poodle-like coats and consists of shaved hindquarters, pom-poms on the legs, sides, and tail, and a full, rounded topknot.



    • One of the most striking, unique, and eye-catching Cavoodle grooming styles

    • It reduces shedding

    • The pompoms on the sides keep your Cavoodle’s kidneys warm (in case it swims!)



    • Not a very practical style to maintain

    • Requires frequent maintenance-including regular trimming and brushing to prevent matting.

    • Needs an expert groomer

7.   The Sporting Clip


The sporting clip is one of the more functional Cavoodle grooming styles. It is mostly used for Cavoodles with a Poodle-like curly, tight coat. The hair is kept shorter all over the Cavoodle’s body for increased mobility and ease of maintenance. The dog’s face, feet, throat, and tail are shaved, and there may be a pompom on the tail.



    • The sporting clip is ideal for active Cavoodles as it reduces the risk of debris clinging to long hair.



    • The style sacrifices the “fluffiness” of other styles

    • May not be as visually striking as other Cavoodle grooming styles

8.   The Mohawk Cut


The Mohawk cut is a bold and edgy style featuring a shaved body with a strip of longer hair running from the head to the tail. Some Mohawks only consist of a tuft of hair on the head region. You can also dye the mohawk with canine-friendly colours.



    • The most unique and attention-grabbing of the Cavoodle grooming styles

    • Fairly easy to DIY

    • Reduces grooming time for the body

    • Helps showcase the dog’s personality.



    • Needs regular maintenance.

    • Not one of the conventional Cavoodle grooming styles. Not all groomers will offer this.

9.   The Asian Fusion Cut


The Asian Fusion Cut is one of the newer Cavoodle grooming styles inspired by Asian dog grooming trends. It combines a trimmed head with a short, sculpted body and paws.

 The groomer might give your Cavoodle’s face a distinct shape, such as a perfect circle or cube. Your Cavoodle’s legs may be shaped like bell bottoms. It is a versatile and glam style that is sure to impress!



    • Modern and fashionable

    • Reduces matting on the Cavoodle’s body

    • Adds an exotic touch to your dog’s appearance.



    • Needs regular maintenance to maintain the distinct contrast between the head and body.

10.  The Full Shave


This style is not at all as glamorous as the other styles, but it is also the most practical. It is exactly what it sounds like- shaving your dog from head to tail. Your Cavoodle’s coat will be completely stripped off.

Please note that it is best not to do a full shave if your dog is likely to be exposed to the elements. Its coat offers it protection against rashes, sunburn, and parasites.



    • Low maintenance- ideal for busy owners.

    • Great for summer months (but be careful of sunburn)

    • Perfect for heavily matted Cavoodles or for dogs with skin infections that need medicated baths.



    • Lacks the well-groomed Cavoodle look

    • Not suitable for winter months. 

FAQs – Cavoodle Grooming Styles

toy cavoodle grooming styles

What is the best grooming style for a Cavoodle?

The best grooming style for Cavoodles can vary based on individual perception. In general, the Teddy Bear Cut and Puppy Cut are cute and considered to be the most popular grooming styles for curly-coated Doodles.

What kind of haircut does a Cavapoo have?

Cavapoos do well with Teddy Bear Cuts, Puppy cuts, and Kennel cuts. Most Cavapoo groomers will cut your Cavapoo’s hair in a variation of these styles.

Does Cavoodle hair keep growing?

Yes, first-generation Cavoodles’ coats keep growing and will need regular trimming and maintenance.

Final Thoughts – Cavoodle Grooming Styles

There are many styles out there other than a basic trim for your Cavoodle. You can choose your pet’s grooming style based on your schedule and your dog’s coat type, colour, lifestyle, age, and overall personality.

The more involved and time-consuming the Cavoodle hairstyle, the more training you will need to do. Desensitising and making the grooming experience a positive one, will help ensure a less stressful experience for you and your dog.

Straight-haired cavoodles are limited in their grooming style options. However, they are also lower maintenance for busy owners that don’t mind shedding.

You can opt for a popular cut like the Teddy Bear or Puppy cut. Alternatively, you could go for a bolder style like the Mohawk!

We hope this guide helps you decide how to groom your Cavoodle.

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