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Groodles or Goldendoodles are hybrid dogs obtained by cross-breeding Golden Retrievers and Poodles. In the past decade, the popularity of Groodles has been on the rise. This is because of their low or non-shedding coats, teddy bear looks, sweet and loving personality, and easy trainability. Our Groodle breed guide covers everything about this popular poodle mix.

Are you looking to add a healthy and happy Groodle to your home? Then read on: we have important information for you.

How to Find the Perfect Groodle Puppy?

Start By Researching Groodle Breeders Near You

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Your search for a healthy Groodle puppy should begin with a reputable Groodle breeder. Check with friends or neighbours who already have a Groodle to find out where they bought their puppy from. A local vet can also guide you to good breeders near you.

You can also visit the official website of the Australian Groodle as it has a list of reliable Groodle breeders in the country. These breeders are known to breed Groodles responsibly and ethically; carrying out DNA testing and hip scoring on all of their breeding dogs. 

Steer clear of breeders who have large numbers of dogs or have several Groodle litters each year. The best Groodle breeders will usually have long waitlists for their puppies. If you’re searching breeder directories or classifieds for puppies for sale, have a list of quality questions to ask dog breeders.

Visit the Breeder’s Facility

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Once you have called a Groodle breeder you like, arrange to visit their kennels. Check the facility- it should be clean and well-kept. Their dogs should appear healthy and happy. The best breeders raise puppies in their family home and are knowledgeable about training, nutrition, genetics and behaviour.

Ask to meet the dam and sire of your potential puppy. They should have a friendly temperament. The breeder should be forthcoming with answering your questions like:

  • Where do you raise your dogs?
  • What genetic and health tests do you conduct on the parent dogs?
  • What early enrichment programs do your puppies undergo?

Meet the Pups

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Once the litter arrives, your breeder might call you to come and meet the puppies (usually after they are 6 weeks old and vaccinated).

According to the RSPCA, are some signs to look for:

  • The Groodle puppy should have clear eyes
  • Its ears should be clean -there should be no foul odour, gunk, or discharge
  • The Groodle puppy should have clear, effortless breathing
  • Its skin should appear healthy – not dry. There should be no oozing, blisters, pus, etc.
  • The pups should be treated for fleas and ticks and dewormed and vaccinated. 
  • Its fur should be clean.
  • Your Groodle puppy should have strong legs. There should be no limping or walking difficulty.
  • It should have a healthy weight – no visible ribs.

Most importantly, your Groodle puppy should have a friendly, curious, and alert disposition. It should appear bright, active, and happy. It should not show signs of fear, anxiety, or aggression.

Read the Contract Thoroughly

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Good Groodle breeders will display their contracts on their websites or via email. Read the contract thoroughly before signing. 

Responsible breeders often agree to take back the puppy if it develops any health issues within a year or if, for any reason, you aren’t able to keep your Groodle puppy.

Prepare Your Home for Your Groodle Puppy

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You must puppy-proof your home before bringing your Groodle home from the breeder. You can also prepare for your Groodle puppy by buying some basic items like:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Leash and collar or harness with ID tags
  • Basic grooming tools – brush, comb, shampoo, ear cleaner, pet wipes, nail trimmer, dog toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.
  • An appropriately sized crate or a dog carrier for vet visits
  • A dog bed and blankets
  • Potty training tools – grass loo, odour removal spray, enzymatic cleaning agents for urine stain removal, poop bags or poop scooper, etc.
  • Puppy food – ask the breeder what they have been feeding your Groodle puppy and ensure a slow transition (if you’re considering changing their diet). Quickly changing the diet of your puppy can upset their tummy causing diarrhoea.

FAQs on Groodle Puppy

What is the difference between a Groodle and a Golden Doodle?

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They are the same. The word Groodle denotes a Goldendoodle or Golden Doodle – a hybrid dog obtained by crossing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. Groodle is more commonly used in Australia whereas, in the USA, these dogs are referred to as Goldendoodles.

How big does a Groodle get?

Since Groodles are mixed breed dogs, there is no standardisation in their sizes. The size can vary depending on the generation of the puppy. It mainly depends on the size of the Poodle parent. Since Poodles are available in three sizes, you could have three size variations like toy, miniature, small standard, and large standard.
In general, mini Groodles could measure between 13-20 inches or 33 cm to 50 cm and weigh between 15-35 lb. or 7 to 16 kg. The small standard or medium Groodle can vary between 17 to 21 inches (43cm to 52cm) at the withers, typically 36-50 lbs (16-23 kg). The larger Groodle could measure over 21 inches (53cm to 63cm) and typically weigh 51 or more lbs. (more than 22 kg).

Do Groodles bark?

Groodles usually bark at strangers and to alert you to something amiss in their territory. This makes them excellent watchdogs and guard dogs. Training your Groodle puppy to bark on cue can help to control unwanted barking.

What is the average lifespan of a Groodle?

A Groodle from a reputable breeder will usually live for 10-14 years.

What is a Groodle puppy?

goldendoodle puppy

A Groodle puppy is a young dog that is a cross between a Golden retriever and a
Poodle. They come in 3 sizes; toy, mini and standard. They range in size from about 7-12kg for toy Groodles up to about 30-40kg for standard Groodles. The Groodle is a popular family dog and Groodle puppies are often considered by buyers looking at designer breeds like Cavoodles and Labradoodles. A Groodle puppy can cost anywhere from $3000 up to about $5000 in Australia. Ethical breeders carry out a minimum of DNA testing and hip scoring on their breeding dogs.

What is the cost of a Groodle?

A quality Groodle puppy will usually cost around $4000 in Australia. A non-shedding teddy bear-coated Groodle will usually cost more than a short-haired Groodle that sheds. Groodles with fleece or wool coats are higher maintenance in terms of grooming and this should be factored into the overall cost of the Groodle puppy. Other costs include pet insurance, vet bills, training, grooming kit/tools, dog walking, accessories, food etc.

Is a Groodle better than a Cavoodle?

groodle temperament

The Groodle and the Cavoodle are two of the most popular poodle mix breeds in Australia. While there are many similarities between these designer dog breeds, if you’re considering adding one to your family, there are some important differences that you need to know about.
Both the Groodle and the Cavoodle have proven themselves to make great family dogs for people with and without children. The Cavalier King Charles in the Cavoodle makes a wonderful pet with its sweet temperament and tendency to sleep a lot.
The King Charles Cavalier infuses the Cavoodle with a much quieter personality than would be expected from a purebred Poodle alone.
Similarly, the Groodle has the calm, sweet infusion of the Golden Retriever genetics, this combines superbly with the sharp intelligence and fun-loving nature of the Poodle.
The most significant differences between the Cavoodle and Groodle are in their sizing. A cavoodle is better for small spaces and families with small children. Groodles being larger are suited to bigger properties and older children. Cavoodles are also more likely to bark while Groodles will usually only bark if bored or anxious.

Are Groodles high maintenance?

Groodles need plenty of care and attention – they are a high-maintenance breed of dog. Like all dogs, your Groodle needs healthy food, daily exercise, training and regular grooming. Groodles thrive on the love and attention you provide them. In return, they will reward you with a lifetime of love, affection, and loyalty. If you’re unable to meet your Groodles needs, they can become an anxious, barking and destructive nuisance.

Do Groodles shed a lot?

Groodles typically shed more than Poodles but a lot less than purebred dogs like Golden Retrievers. You can expect some Goldendoodle coats to shed daily in small quantities and heavily during the warmer months. The frequency and quantity of shedding will also depend on your Groodle’s generation and genetics. In general, F1B Groodles are considered more hypoallergenic than F1 and F2 Groodles. Read our Groodle shedding coat guide for more information.

Key Takeaways – Finding the Perfect Groodle Puppy

groodle puppies

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a Groodle puppy! Your life is about to change for the better, Groodles make excellent family dogs

Ideally, your search for the perfect Groodle puppy should begin with a reputable Groodle breeder near you.

Always research the Groodle breeder thoroughly and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have about their breeding techniques and their dogs. Do arrange to meet the dam and sire of the puppy and also meet the litter once it arrives.

If you have a Groodle puppy and want to improve their manners, contact a dog trainer or dog behaviourist to set your puppy up for success today. Knowing how to calm a dog when they are over excited or stressed can also be helpful.

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