Is a Groodle a Good Family Dog?

Is a Groodle a Good Family Dog?


The Groodle or Goldendoodle is the mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle of any size. If you are asking the question ‘Is a Groodle a Good Family Dog?’, then chances are that you are planning to buy or adopt one.

It is important to learn all about a Groodle’s temperament or character in order to truly get to know it.

Let us answer the question – is a Groodle a good family dog?

Is A Groodle a Good Family Dog?

(The Short Answer)

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Yes, Groodles or Goldendoodles make excellent family pets. This hybrid dog has been a successful family dog and companion because it has several sought-after traits. It is affectionate, great with kids, and very friendly with other dogs. Groodles are also playful and non-aggressive. Puppies are generally available in a range of sizes from toy to mini to standard. Some are even hypoallergenic and non-shedding. 

All these traits make them excellent family dogs.

7 Reasons Why Groodles Are Great Family Dogs

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Groodle puppies raised in puppy farms and by backyard breeders can have behaviour problems. But a well-bred Groodle has the following traits which make it an excellent companion dog for families:

1.   They Are Inherently Affectionate

Is a Goldendoodle a Good Family Dog

Groodles are extremely affectionate towards their adopted families. Many dogs are known to be independent and aloof, but not Groodles.

A Groodle will bond with the people that care for it and will also shower its love on all family members. They love their human families and enjoy being a part of all family activities.

2.   They Are Great with Kids

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Goldendoodles are gentle with kids. They are also tough enough to stay cool under all the rough handling and petting that kids subject them to. Well-trained Groodles from sound breeding genetics, can also remain calm amidst the running and screaming.

Naturally, every Groodle that comes from a reputable breeder will be socialised with kids from an early age. This helps them easily adapt to families with young kids.

3.   They Are Friendly with Other Dogs

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Many dog breeds are known to herd or dominate other dogs and cats. Some others turn their tails and run away or hide from other dogs. Not the Groodle.

Well-bred Groodles are friendly with other dogs. They enjoy their company and gladly play with other dogs they meet at the dog park.

Most domesticated Groodles do not possess the prey drive to take down other animals. So, you need not worry about your Groodle going after other pets in the neighbourhood.

4.   Groodles Are Non-Aggressive

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Aggression is not a common behaviour problem in Groodles. These sweet, loving, and affectionate dogs are even friendly toward strangers. They also do not howl or bark as much as other dog breeds.

Well-brought-up Groodles are not shy or aggressive. Rather, they can be expected to be affable – wagging tails and nuzzling noses and all – even with newcomers.

They are also non-mouthy – actions like nipping, biting, and gnawing are not known in Groodles. They only reserve these actions for their chew toys. Most Groodles inherently know that they should not bite other pets and people.

If a Goldendoodle puppy accidentally bites, train them to redirect this behaviour towards a toy or long-lasting chew. 

5.   Groodles Are Playful

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Another reason why a Groodle is a great family dog is its playful nature. Many dog breeds are known to be serious, sedate, and quiet. Not the Groodle.

Your Goldendoodle will love to be a part of all family activities. Its playful nature means that it is always ready for a game of fetch at any time! Your Groodle will also remain a puppy all its life!

6.   They Are Easy to Train

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Many dogs need time, patience, and repetition for understanding commands. Groodles are sharp dogs having two of the smartest dog breeds in their genes. The Poodle and Golden Retriever are extremely smart and trainable, so it is no surprise that a Groodle is easy to train as well.

They can easily form the connection between a prompt (such as the ‘Sit’ command) and the reward – such as a high-value training treat. They are great predictors of reinforcement, never use punishment in training Groodles. Using punishment, fear and intimidation in dog training can increase fear, anxiety and aggression in your dog or puppy.

7. Groodle hypoallergenic and non-shedding coat

Groodles can have three coat types: 

  1. Smooth coat – low maintenance in terms of grooming but high shedding.
  2. Fleece coat – low to non-shedding. Requires twice weekly thorough brush and comb to prevent matting. A visit to the dog groomer every 6 weeks or so.
  3. Curly or wool coat – is non-shedding but high maintenance in terms of grooming. At least twice weekly deep and thorough brush and comb (down to the skin) to prevent matting. Visit the dog groomer every 6 weeks. 

Therefore, in terms of coat types, there is something to suit all families. Those that have limited time for grooming and no allergies in their family, could opt for a smooth or flat-coated Groodle. While families, who have allergies would find a puppy that has a fleece or wool-coated Groodle.  

Is a Groodle a Good Family Dog?

mini groodle

Given all its positive traits, the Groodle is a perfect dog for families. It is friendly, affectionate, patient, and keen to learn. Groodles love the outdoors and enjoy the company of kids and other dogs.


Groodles are available in 3 sizes:

  1. Standard Groodle – the biggest size (20kg +)
  2. Mini Groodle – medium size (less than 20kg)
  3. Toy Groodle – smallest size (less than 10kg)

They are energetic, playful, and love to participate in all family activities. Most Groodles are non-aggressive, do not bark too much, and have less prey drive than other dogs. They are also not mouthy.

All these traits make them lovable family dogs.

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