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Mini Groodle – 5 Pros and Cons + Why We Love this Mix Breed


Mini Groodles or Mini Goldendoodles are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. They are also available as the F1b Mini Groodle which is a cross between a First-Generation Groodle and a Mini or Toy Poodle. Similarly, an F2b Mini Groodle is the breeding of a Second Generation Groodle and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. The F1b and F2b generation Mini Groodles are the least prone to shedding, but more about that later.

These adorable dogs may look small but they have huge personalities!

Mini Groodles are the offspring of two of the most affectionate dog breeds. Hence, don’t be too surprised if your Mini Groodle is always looking for cuddles from you!

Want to know more about the Mini Groodle? Want a quick guide that can help you understand this little Groodle’s physical characteristics and personality traits? Then read on, this breed guide is for you!

What is a Mini Groodle?

mini groodle for sale
A Mini Groodle is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Mini or Toy Poodle.

Mini Groodles, as mentioned above, are the offspring of purebred Golden Retrievers and purebred Miniature or Toy Poodles. Since people love small, compact dogs, the Mini Groodle is highly popular. Groodles are also available in other sizes like Medium and Standard Groodles – obtained by crossing Golden Retrievers with Standard Poodles.

It is estimated that the first-ever Goldendoodle or Groodle was created by a breeder named Monica Dickens back in the late 1960s as she wanted a smart dog like a Golden Retriever but did not want to deal with the shedding. Later, more and more breeders started developing Groodles for visually impaired people.

Mini Groodles are not recognised by the ANKC or any major Kennel Club since they are not purebred dogs.

To understand the Mini Groodle, let us find out a little bit about the parent dog breeds.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers were first developed in Scotland in the mid-19th century. They were bred to be hunting companions and were used for retrieving game from the woods.

Today, the breed is extremely popular thanks to its friendly and affectionate personality. Goldens love their human families and get along with other dogs and pets.

These intelligent and highly-trainable dogs make excellent companions, emotional support dogs and therapy dogs for people with disabilities. They are also used in hospitals and hospices as therapy dogs. Golden Retrievers are available in golden, red or cream-coloured coats which shed heavily twice a year.


Poodles are intelligent and elegant dogs that were first bred in Germany in the 15th Century as water retrievers. Over time, they became popular as house pets and companion dogs.

Poodles come in three sizes and the Mini Groodle is obtained using either Mini or Toy Poodles. 

Poodles have curly, water-resistant coats that are completely non-shedding. This makes them an ideal choice for people with pet allergies.

These highly intelligent and trainable dogs are known to excel in agility, obedience, and dog sports. Poodles also do well as therapy dogs due to their calm nature. In contrast, a poorly bred poodle can be the worst dog to own as they are neurotic, anxious and clingy dogs that are prone to barking along with separation anxiety.

Physical Characteristics of Groodles – How Big Do Mini Groodles Get?

miniature groodle size
How big do Mini Groodles get? They are small to mini size weighing around 6.5-13kg.

Mini Groodles weigh between 6.5 to 13 kg (15-30 lb.) and they measure up to 45 cm or 17.7 inches. 

The height and weight of Mini Groodles can vary greatly and there are no standards set for this designer dog. Therefore, how big a Mini Groodle puppy will get depends on the dog’s genetics. Mini Groodles can be considered fully grown by the time they are 12-24 months of age.

Mini Groodle Coat Type and Colours

The coat of a Mini Groodle can vary depending on the dominant gene they inherit from their parents. They can have a curly coat like the Mini or Toy Poodle, a straight coat like the Golden Retriever, or a wavy fleece coat that is a combination of both. 

The curly-coated Mini Groodle is usually more hypoallergenic and low-shedding but requires thorough combing and brushing to prevent matts, while the straight-coated variety requires more grooming to prevent shedding on your clothes and through the house. The fleece-coated Mini Groodle is somewhere in between the two; the coat is easier to run a comb through during maintenance brushing but some can still shed a little depending on their genetic coat traits.

The best Mini Groodle breeders DNA test their breeding stock and puppies available for sale for coat traits such as furnishings and curl genes, to ensure they are producing puppies with low-shedding coats.

Minis are available in various colours including cream, gold, apricot, red, black, merle, black and tan, brown, white, silver and chocolate. The most common colour in Mini Groodles is cream which is a combination of light yellow and white. Gold is also common and may vary from a light to a dark shade.

Are Mini Groodles Hypoallergenic?

mini groodle australia
Fleece and curly or wool-coated Mini Groodles are non-to low-shedding. Flat or short-haired Mini Groodles are often heavy shedders but don’t require 6 weekly trips to the groomer for a haircut.

Whether or not the coat of your Mini Groodle is hypoallergenic can depend on the genes your pet inherits from its parents. In general, Miniature/Toy Groodles with curly coats are more hypoallergenic and low-shedding, while the straight-coated Mini Groodles require a lot more grooming and shed considerably. Similarly, fleece-coated Groodles are a combination of curly and straight coats and are the most highly sought-after teddy bear coat type due to their lower maintenance and low-shedding attributes.

As such, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. So, if you’re a pet-allergy sufferer, you may want to take all the basic precautions like washing hands frequently after playing with your dog and not letting your puppy lick you.

What is The Personality of Mini Groodle?

miniature groodle
Mini Groodles are cuddly, loyal and playful family dogs.

Miniature Groodles are known for their friendly and affectionate natures. They love to be around their humans and will follow them around. They love giving cuddles and licks. 

Groodles are known to get along well with children and other pets, making them a great choice for families. Their low-shedding coats also make them a good choice for families having members with pet allergies.

These companion dogs are prone to separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for prolonged periods. They get severely depressed and anxious if left alone for long periods.

Even if you train your Miniature Groodle to stay alone while you go to work, you must not leave your dog alone for more than 6-8 hours. If needed, hire a pet sitter or dog walker to check on your pet. 

You could also consider getting two Miniature or Toy Groodles so they can give each other company. Another option is to enrol your Oodle in doggy day-care where it can interact with other dogs.

Groodles are loyal to their owners and make great watchdogs. They will alert their owners if they sense any danger or strangers around. However, they are also friendly with strangers and may not be the best guard dogs.

Miniature Groodles are highly energetic dogs. They need plenty of exercise to keep them out of trouble. Without exercise, Minis tend to bark excessively and may even get destructive. Aim to walk your dog daily for 30 minutes. You can also encourage your kids to play a game of fetch with your small Groodle.

Mini Groodles need plenty of early socialisation and training. Without these your dog could display behavioural issues such as jumping on guests, barking at the doorbell, pulling on its leash, and so on. 

You can avoid many of these issues by exposing your Mini Groodle puppy to a variety of experiences such as trips to the cafe near you, dog park, beach, etc. Also, train your dog in basic obedience and loose leash walking to prevent many of these unwanted behaviours.

Are Groodles Indoor Dogs?

mini groodle size
Mini groodles thrive when they are kept indoors with their family. They are prone to separation anxiety, and leaving them outdoors for long periods can lead to barking, escaping and other destructive behaviours.

Groodles don’t do well if left outdoors for long periods of time. They need to interact with their humans and can dig, chew, bark and escape if left alone outdoors for hours. Without this interaction, they can get bored and even depressed.

Of course, your Groodle will need to go outside several times a day to exercise and for potty breaks. But they should not be left outdoors for prolonged periods. Crate training is recommended, to grow the skill of independence and calmness in your Groodle. Adult Miniature and Toy Groodles require around 14 hours of sleep each day, spending some of that time in a crate with passive calming activities can be beneficial to a dog’s wellness for this reason.

You must especially not leave your Mini Groodle outdoors in extreme heat or cold as such weather conditions can be detrimental to your pet’s health.

How Expensive are Mini Goldendoodles?

miniature groodle puppies
Mini groodles currently cost between $2500-$6000 in Australia. There are many cheaply pried Mini groodles on Gumtree, Trading Post etc but these are not necessarily bred by ethical breeders.

A miniature Goldendoodle can cost around $1500 in the United States. In Australia, the cost of a Mini Groodle can fall between AUD $2500 and $6000.

The reason for this high price is the breed’s popularity. These small dogs are in great demand and there are not too many ethical breeders selling them. 

Also, the price can vary based on the breeder’s reputation, location, coat type and colour, health testing and also on their parent dogs. Puppies born to show-winning Golden Retrievers and Poodles will naturally cost more. Also, certain coat colours in Groodles are in greater demand and cost higher.

You can always consider adopting a Mini Groodle from a rescue shelter. Most rescue homes only charge a nominal fee for rehoming their dogs. This fee may even cover vaccinations, deworming, and the cost of desexing.

What To Feed a Mini Groodle?

mini groodle breeder
The best Mini Groodle foods are sourced from ethical, sustainably farmed meats and don’t contain grains. Brands like Ziwi Peak and Frontier Pets are some of the best.

Feed your Mini Groodle a high-quality, nutritionally balanced dog food as advised by your vet nutritionist or breeder.

If you’re looking for commercial dog food make sure it contains proteins such as chicken, lamb, fish, or beef. Avoid food containing artificial preservatives, colours, grains and flavours. 

It is important to consider your dog’s age when you select dog food. Mini Groodles up to 12-18 months will need 3-4 small meals a day with high-quality puppy food. Select food that has EPA and DHA fatty acids for your young pet’s brain development. Senior Groodles may benefit from food specially made for digestive issues, dental problems, etc.

Monitor your Mini Groodle’s weight and make adjustments in portions as needed. Always provide fresh drinking water at all times for your dog. There are many high-quality raw food diets on the market and you can even access some of the best raw dog food recipes to make your Oodle’s food at home!

If in doubt, consult your vet nutritionist regarding the right diet for your Mini Poodle Mix.

How Long do Mini Groodles Live?

Miniature Groodles usually live for 10-15 years. However, the lifespan of your dog can vary based on factors like genetics, exercise, and diet. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and routine medical check-ups can help maximize your pet’s lifespan and overall health.

Mini Groodles are known to suffer from some of the same health issues common to the parent dog breeds i.e., Golden Retrievers and Mini or Toy Poodles. These include skin and ear infections, hip dysplasia, and certain cancers. Proper care, regular health check-ups, and early detection of any health issues can help to ensure that your Mini Groodle lives a long and healthy life.

Always buy your Miniature or Toy Groodle from a reputable breeder; one that DNA tests and Hip scores their breeding dogs and provides a health guarantee with their puppies.

FAQ – Miniature Groodles

How much is a mini groodle in Australia?

mini groodle size and price

Mini Groodles vary greatly in price from $2500 up to around $6000. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog or puppy is better quality. Some things to take into consideration when looking for a reputable breeder of mini groodles include: health testing (minimum of Hip scoring and DNA testing of parents), health guarantee of at least 12 months for hereditary conditions, puppy socialisation and training (Puppy Culture or similar to ensure a calm, confident puppy), food (ensure the breeder is feeding a premium grain free dog food and fresh human grade meat proteins, bones and vegetables), meet both parents and see where the puppy has been raised to ensure you’re not supporting a puppy farm.

What breed is mini groodle?

First-generation (F1) Mini Groodles are the result of combing a Golden retriever with a toy or miniature stud. F1b Mini groodles are the result of breeding a first generation Groodle with a mini or toy poodle. F2b Mini groodles are the result of crossing a second-generation (f2) groodle with a toy or mini poodle. F1b and F2b Mini groodles are less prone to shedding than F1 or F2 generation oodles because they inherit more of the poodle genes.

Is a groodle better than a cavoodle?

A Groodle will usually be larger than a Cavoodle and therefore depending on your lifestyle and available space, a cavoodle might be more suitable for those with small yards or living in apartments. Similarly, while mini groodles are usually quite a small dog weighing between 7-15kg, cavoodles are often smaller in size, weighing 3-8kg. A smaller dog is sometimes a better option for families with small children, as larger dogs can knock small children over. However, tiny toy cavoodles weighing 3.5kg or less, can be too petite and fragile for families with small children as they can more easily break bones than a toy or mini groodle. In terms of shedding, both the groodle and the cavoodle in fleece and wool, are low shedding. However, the flat, smooth-coated or short-haired cavoodle and groodle can be heavy shedders. Like other oodles, both the Cavoodle and Groodle can suffer from separation anxiety and be prone to barking. Therefore, crate training from a young age is recommended to ensure they develop the skills of independence and calmness.

Are female or male Groodles better?

Male and female Groodles that have been desexed make equally as good family pets. Un-desexed females can become moody every 6 months when they cycle, with behaviour changes including increased reactivity, barking, whining etc. Similarly, un-desexed male Groodles can start marking their territory on everything from pot plants, to couches, other dogs, clothes etc. Similarly, un-desexed male dogs can also display humping behaviours to human legs, small children and other dogs. Both male and female groodles are cuddly and loving but benefit from being desexed at around 6 months of age to stop these behaviour changes from occurring.

Are mini Goldendoodles high maintenance?

Like all poodle mixes, the mini goldendoodle requires positive training to develop independence, optimism, confidence, calmness and focus. In terms of grooming, a thorough brush and comb through 2-3 times per week, should keep their coat in great condition. The fleece and curly-coated varieties require a visit to the groomer every 6 weeks or so. Short-haired mini goldendoodles do not require as much coat maintenance but can be prone to shedding hair around the house and on your clothes. Regular brushing can help to minimise the amount of hair that they shed. Mini groodles can be clingy and struggle to be left alone for long periods – crate training can help with this and hiring a dog walker or pet sitter.

Are mini Groodles good dogs?

Mini Groodles are good dogs for people who have the time to commit to grooming, exercising and training this beautiful breed. They are not a dog that can be left in the backyard and forgotten about. Like most of the poodle mix breeds, they can suffer from separation anxiety which can lead to barking, house soiling, digging, chewing and escaping behaviour. Their small size, intelligence and low-shedding coats make them popular family dogs in Australia.

Miniature Groodle Availability – Mini & Toy Groodle puppies for sale and breeders

mini groodle puppy
Only buy a Mini groodle puppy from an ethical breeder who health tests their breeding dogs and allows you to meet at least the mother of the puppies.

The Miniature Groodle and Toy Groodle are some of the most popular designer dog breeds in Australia. If you’re having trouble finding mini groodle breeders or puppies for sale near you, consider looking for a rescue or other similar poodle mixes such as the Standard SchnoodleMini or Standard Bordoodle,  Roodle, LabradoodleAussiedoodle , Mini Cavoodle or Groodle.

The F1b Miniature Groodle is particularly popular because of its non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat and high trainability. They have also proven themselves to excel in therapy and emotional support dog roles. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this oodle breed guide to this fun-loving, small-size family companion. 

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