Moodle: The Complete Guide to the Maltese Terrier Poodle Mix Breed

Moodles (also known as Maltipoos) are hybrid dogs obtained by crossing a Mini or Toy Poodle with a Maltese Terrier.

Moodles can be considered the perfect dog since breeding two beautiful breeds – Poodles and Maltese Terriers – yields a perfect combination.

Want to find out more about Moodle? Then read on: we have all the information you need!

What is a Moodle? What Two Breeds Make a Moodle? Is it the Same as Maltipoo?


Outside Australia, Moodles are known as Maltipoos. Moodles are also known as Maltese Doodles or Malti-Poo or even Maltepoo.

The hybrid dog is obtained by crossing a Miniature or Toy Poodle with a Maltese. The result is a cute teddy bear dog with a moldable personality and high trainability.

To study the origin of a Moodle, let us briefly study the origin and history of the parent dog breeds.

Maltese Terrier – Origins


The Maltese Terrier is an irresistible dog breed with the cutest face. They originated in Malta probably from Spitz-like dogs. The breed is not new at all; they are as old as time itself! Maltese Terriers are estimated to have existed 2800 years ago. Many royals and nobles were known to have loved this breed owing to its gorgeous silky coat and adorable looks. Today, they are known by various names like ‘Comforter dogs, Maltese Lion Dogs, Maltese Terriers, and even Roman Ladies Dogs’.

Poodle – Origins

Poodles are often mistakenly believed to have originated in France. However, they are a German breed. They were originally bred as hunting dogs but also worked in water due to their water-resistant coat. Today, Poodles rank 2nd in the list of most intelligent dogs in the world. They are available in three sizes: toy, mini, and standard. Poodles are also known for their hypoallergenic coats that make them ideal for people with pet allergies. Another distinguishing feature of this remarkable breed is that its coat can be cut in a variety of styles.

Origin of Moodles


The sole intention of crossbreeding dogs is to acquire the desirable traits of the parent breeds. Also, people believe that hybrid dogs tend to have fewer health issues. Due to their increased genetic diversity, cross-breed dogs tend to have stronger immune systems. This is why, in the past 2 decades, cross-breeding of dogs has gained popularity. Correctly choosing and breeding the right Maltese and Poodles can result in a Moodle that is worth more than its purebred parents. The best part is that since both Maltese terriers and Poodles are hypoallergenic, Maltipoos or Moodles are hypoallergenic as well.

Moodles might have originated around the early 2000s, although no one can say for sure when the first Moodle came into existence.

Moodle Physical Attributes: How Big will a Moodle Puppy Get?


Depending on the breeding, a typical Maltipoo could weigh between 4 and 8 lb (2 to 3.6 kg) and measure around 10 inches (25 cm). If one parent was a Miniature Poodle (which is larger than a Toy Poodle), then your Moodle will be bigger – 5 to 15 lb (2.26 kg to 6 kg) and measure around 14 inches (35 cm). In short, the size of your Moodle puppy will entirely depend on the Poodle parent used in the breeding.

Maltipoo Coat and Colors

Moodles or Maltipoos are available in a range of colours like white, red, cafe au lait, black, black-and-white, apricot, grey, silver, beige, cream, bronze, brown, merle and blue.

Well-bred Moodles can also have two different coat types.

  • Silky and straight – If the Maltese gene is dominant, your Maltipoo puppy will develop a silky and straight coat. This type of coat has many grooming options.
  • Thick and curly- Here the Poodle gene is dominant since the Poodle has a curly coat of wool. This type of coat will need plenty of brushing to prevent tangles and mats.

Avoid Moodles having wiry or smooth coats as it is a sign of bad breeding. Puppy scammers and backyard breeders will sometimes have Maltipoo or Moodle puppies available for sale that are not true Maltese Terrier Poodle Mix Breeds.

Moodle/Maltipoo Personality Traits


Maltipoos are playful, outgoing, cheerful, and happy little dogs. The only desire of a Moodle’s life is to please its owner. Your Moodle will have you smiling and laughing every day! However, since they love everyone, they do not make great watchdogs.

Since Moodles have a happy and fun-loving nature, they get along with other pets too. However, caution must be exercised since their dainty sizes can make them very vulnerable. Even toddlers and slightly bigger dogs could easily injure your Moodle.

Are Moodles Easy to Train?

Maltipoos can easily be considered the world’s cutest teddy bear dogs. But don’t let their cute looks fool you; behind this adorable puppy is an intelligent and highly-trainable pet. (Naturally, they need constant mental stimulation and without it, they can get very bored.)

Their high intelligence certainly makes Maltipoos easy to train but some are known to be quite stubborn. They might take their time in listening to you and obeying your command and that can be quite frustrating for the trainer. However, with immense patience and consistency, one can conquer this hurdle.

Also, like with all small and cute dogs, Moodles’ potty training could be challenging. Because they are small, owners often overlook indoor accidents. The puppy then starts taking more liberties and continues to eliminate indoors. This is why Maltipoos need an owner who will be consistent in establishing house rules from the very beginning and not let their sweet puppy practise unwanted behaviours. Instead, new owners should set their Maltipoo up for toilet training success. The best Moodle breeders start toilet training their puppies from 3 weeks of age. 

Are Maltipoos High-Maintenance?


Moodles or Maltipoos could be high-maintenance due to two things: their separation anxiety or clingy nature and grooming. If your pet has a fine silky coat, it will need to be brushed almost daily to prevent mats and tangles. You’d also need to take it to the professional groomer for a trim every 6 weeks or so.

Like their purebred Maltese Terrier and Poodle parents, Moodles are prone to separation anxiety. They hate being left alone at home and can get very depressed. Some Moodles also develop behavioural issues and resort to indoor soiling, chewing up furniture, tearing the bed linen, and crying or barking for hours.

With loving discipline and gradual desensitisation, you can train your dog to stay alone. Naturally, independence-building skills such as crate training should begin in your dog’s puppyhood. Puppies are always easier to train as they are like sponges – they absorb everything you teach them.

Moodle Exercise Needs

Moodles may be small in size but they still need daily exercise. The great thing about these energetic dogs is that they don’t need a whole lot of room. So, you can easily play with your pet indoors to ensure it gets its exercise.

However, regular walks are also very important for this poodle mix breed as they not only provide it with calorie-burning but also mentally stimulate your pet. Regular short walks will also help your energetic Maltipoo get rid of the excess energy that usually triggers unwanted behaviours like excess barking and destruction.

Other Personality Traits

Moodles are extremely loyal, loving, and affectionate dogs. They are indoor dogs since most don’t tolerate heat and cold very well. They are sweet, smart puppies that retain their puppy-like qualities well into adulthood. They love to socialise and get along well with humans and other pets as well.

How Much do Moodles Cost?


Moodles could cost anywhere between $3000 and $5000 depending on where you buy your dog from. Adoption centres or rescue homes usually charge a small fee for re-homing a rescued Maltipoo. However, if you buy your dog from a reputable breeder, then it could certainly cost a lot more – almost $3000 to even $5000 per puppy if you choose a Moodle puppy from show-quality pedigree parents.

In addition to considering the puppy’s price/adoption fees, you must also budget for your Moodles’ veterinary care, dog training, obedience school, food and treats, insurance, equipment like crate/bed, travel, pet-sitting, grooming, and dog walking. Most Moodle owners easily spend between $15,000 to $20,000 over their pet’s lifespan of 10-15 years.

What to Feed a Moodle?

When it comes to choosing dog food for your Maltipoo, the options are endless. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Look for foods with a superior source of protein. Learn to read food labels. The first ingredient in the food should be a protein/meat source that your Maltipoo can digest easily.
  • Avoid foods with soy, wheat, fillers, preservatives, colours, and by-products
  • Choose food having small kibble size since small dogs like Moodles have tiny jaws. It makes it difficult for them to pick up large kibble pieces. Furthermore, your pet could choke on larger kibble.
  • If you feed commercial food, evaluate your pet’s weight and overall health from time to time. When feeding home-cooked food, ensure that you offer a wide variety of foods that are balanced to meet your Moodle’s complete nutritional needs.

Health Issues in Moodles – What Problems do Maltipoos Have?


Since the Maltipoos are a relatively new breed, not too many commonly occurring health issues have been documented as yet. Some common health issues are seen popping up in the breed from time to time:

  • White Shaker Syndrome – Both Poodles and Maltese have this condition and Moodle could inherit it. It is commonly seen in dogs with white-coloured coats.
  • PRA – Progressive retinal atrophy that leads to vision loss. There is no cure for this condition however responsible pet breeders DNA test their breeding stock. DNA testing of parents ensures that Moodle puppies are not affected by this form of blindness.
  • Collapsed trachea – the delicate neck of this dainty dog breed could get injured easily due to collars, trauma, etc. Collapsed trachea causes breathing issues and also a honking cough in affected dogs.
  • Allergies – food and skin allergies are also common in this small breed dog.

In general, healthy Moodles are known to live up to 10-15 years.

Moodle Puppy Availability in Australia

The Moodle is a relatively rare poodle mix breed in Australia. If you’re having trouble finding Maltipoo breeders or puppies for sale near you, consider looking for a rescue or other similar poodle mix breeds such as the Papi-PooBichoodle, Cavoodle, Chi-Poo, Yorki-Poo, PeekaPoo, DoxiePoo, ShihPoo, Schnoodle or Bichoodle.

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