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Small Poodle Mixes – 10 Adorable Toy Doodles You’ll Love


Doodle or Poodle mixes are available in various sizes imaginable – from the smallest Chidoodles to the largest Pyredoodles – there is a Doodle for every household.

Small-sized Doodles often weigh less than 10 lb. (or 5 kg). They are created by crossing Toy or Teacup Poodles with other Toy Breeds. They make excellent lap dogs and are highly suitable for city dwellers or people with small houses.

Here’s a list of 10 adorable small Poodle mixes that are easy to care for and also make excellent therapy and emotional support dogs.

10 Small Poodle Mixes

1.   Pekapoos (Pekingese x Toy Poodle)


A mix of Pekingese and Toy Poodles, the Peekapoo is a compact dog weighing 4 to 20 lb. (1.8 to 9 kg). They make great lapdogs and love to play fetch indoors. Pekapoos do not need too much exercise and easily tire with a 30-minute activity. This makes them great for seniors and people with less mobility.

2.   Yorkipoos (Yorkshire Terrier x Toy Poodle)

small poodle mixes

Yorkiepoos or Yorkipoos are the cross between Yorkshire Terriers and Toy Poodles. Weighing just between 7-11 lb. (3-7 kg), these small dogs are excellent with kids and you can conveniently teach them to ‘go’ on a potty pad. They usually have low-shedding/hypoallergenic coats. This makes them ideal for apartment dwellers and urban areas where taking a dog to go potty outside isn’t always possible.

3.   Shipoos (Shih Tzu x Toy Poodle)

small poodle mixes shipoo

The cross between a Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle, this small Doodle is a great choice for busy people. You can easily take a Shihpoo to work and if you travel, your Shih Poo will gladly give you company. Shihpoos weigh around 8 and 18 lb. (4-8 kg) and make wonderful therapy dogs.

4.   Maltipoos/Moodles (Maltese Terrier x Toy Poodle)

small poodle mixes moodle

Maltipoos are the adorable cross between two charming dog breeds – Maltese Terriers and Toy Poodles. They are so cute to look at that it is hard not to hold one in your lap! They weigh around 5 to 15 lb (2.5 kg to 6 kg) and are easily manageable in urban and suburban settings. However, they do need consistent, positive reinforcement based training and puppy socialisation from the start.

5.  Pugapoos (Pug x Toy Poodle)

small poodle mixes pugapoo

The cross between a Pug and a Toy Poodle, the Pugapoo is a people-loving and highly trainable small-sized Doodle. Crossing with the Poodle may make this mixed Pug hypoallergenic, but don’t count on it. The Pugapoo’s coat can vary widely from the short coat of the Pug to the curly, low-shedding coat of the Poodle. They also vary in size but are within the 14-18 lb.(6-8 kg) range. They are among some of the calmest poodle mixes available.

6.  Pomapoos (Pomeranian x Toy Poodle)

small poodle mixes Pomapoo

Pomapoos are obtained by crossing the adorable and feisty Pomeranians and the clever Toy Poodle. They measure between 8 and 12 inches (20-30 cm) and weigh between 5 and 15 lb. (2-7 kg). These highly adaptable dogs thrive in any environment as long as they get adequate mental and physical stimulation. They mostly fare well in suburban areas but tend to bark a lot. You need to train this sweet small dog to curb its barking.

7.  Chipoos (Chihuahua x Toy Poodle)

small poodle mixes chipoo

Chidoodles or Chipoos are hybrid dogs created by crossing Toy Poodles and Chihuahuas. These small dogs are gaining tremendous popularity as their compact size means they don’t need too much exercise. However, they still need plenty of obedience training to prevent bad behaviors. Most ChiPoos weigh between 5 and 20 lb. (2-9 kg).

8.  Bichoodles/Poochons (Bichon Frise x Toy Poodle)

cutest poodle mixes

These cute dogs are obtained by crossing Toy Poodles and Bichon Frise. They are perfect for compact homes and small spaces. Poochons or Bichoodles are devoted, loyal, loving, and smart. They weigh just around 7-16 lb. (3-7 kg). Prospective owners of this small Doodle will be wise to invest in early dog training to prevent unwanted behaviours. 

Cavoodles and Bichoodles are similar small poodle mixes but there is one important difference between the breeds. The Bichoodle is always non-shedding and hypoallergenic, whereas the Cavoodle’s coat can be short, fleece or wool and therefore ranges from high-shedding to low-shedding. Bichoodles are a good option for allergy sufferers. 

9.  Havapoos (Havanese x Toy Poodle)

small poodle mixes

Half Havanese and half Toy Poodle, the Havapoo/Poovanese may be small but it is full of energy. These small dogs weigh just around 10 lb. or 4 kg but need daily exercise to keep them stimulated. The Havapoo is gentle, relatively docile, loving, affectionate, and easy to train. With proper socialisation, they get along with kids and other pets. Havapoos make excellent therapy dogs. They are well-suited for apartments and city dwellers.

10. Lhasapoo (Lhasa Apso x Toy Poodle)

poodle mix breeds

Lhasapoos are a cross between the adorable Lhasa Apsos and Toy Poodles. They weigh around 15 pounds (6 to 7 kg) and measure about 9-13 inches (22 to 33 cm).  These small, confident, and intelligent dogs will quickly take over your home if you’re not consistent with training appropriate behaviours. Their temperament also means that they can be stubborn, keeping training a positive experience is important. Worry not, Lhasapoos are smart dogs and learn quickly. With patience and consistency, you will see great results!

Small Poodle Mixes – Summary

Small poodle mixes are available in array of coat types, temperaments and conformations. Some of the calmer poodle mixes are the Pugapoo, Shipoo, Peekapoo and Lhasapoo. While the Bichoodle, Yorkipoo, Havapoo and Moodle are generally non-shedding and popular among allergy sufferers. 

We hope our guide to 10 Small Poodle Mixes helps you find the right Doodle companion for you to love!

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